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Slaying Colorado Smallmouth Bass Using Swimbaits

Catching smallmouth bass is a blast! These hard fighting bass will tug your line and easily one of the best fighting freshwater fish pound per pound. We head out to one of our favorite trophy lakes that is being drained due to high drought in Colorado. The Colorado Parks and Wildlife has urged anglers to get out and fish salvage as many fish as you can.

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Slaying Colorado Smallmouth Bass Using Swimbaits


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  1. Pity to hear about the lake being drained, Luckily over here we don't have that but looks like a great day out on the water catching some hard fighting smallies on that bright colored lure. I wish we had that species over here for a change up, they look like a lot of fun..

  2. Nice morning out there AJ. I actually use a St. Croix Avid and Shimano symetre reel combo as well for salmon but in the heavier version and 4000 size reel. Nice combo. Nice pattern on some of those fish.

  3. I Love the Intro effects and the Video itself so awesome As always you didnt fail to impressed me with your Fishing talent Video this is fun and cool as always when i visited it gives me smiles in my Face awesome Indeed thanks for this Lods God BLess and see you around.

  4. Hey there! I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your content! I am the moderator of the Crayster Colorado Facebook page and you have posted a couple of really great videos over there which I truly appreciate.i am subscribed and I look forward to more great stuff from you, and by all means feel free to post to my page. Thanks a bunch!

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