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Simple Two-Step Technique To Catch Walleye

In this video I got over a simple and effective two step approach to catch Walleyes! I love fishing for shallow Ontario Walleyes with these two techniques. (Swimbait and Dropshot) Thanks for watching!

Do-It Slick Shiner:
Headbanger Bangerribs:
Dropshot Plastic (Gulp Alive):

How To Drop Shot:

Catch And Cook (Knives are back in stock!):
Alumacraft Competitor 205:
Mercury Pro XS 200hp:
Trolling Motor Battery (Dakota Lithium 12V 100AH x 3):
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Here is the camera gear used to make the video:

Sony A7S III (Main Camera) –
DJI Action Cam (Livescope Camera) –
The BEST Micro SD for GoPros –
Vlog Lens – Sony 12-24mm f4 –
B-Roll Lens – Sigma 24mm f1.4 –
Drone – Mavic Pro 2 –
Tascam DR10-L –
Rode Shotgun Mic Pro –

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  1. Glad2 C he doesn't just sit n stare at expensive electronics all day long that us average fisherman don't have nor can afford OR justify!!

  2. As a lifelong angler and big walleye fan…it's been my experience at times they can be very finiky cautious biters.a bass or northern will waste no time if they see an easy lunch swimming by not walleye necessarily.i guess you could say they're smart.thats something.good luck to all fishermen.

  3. Jay…. you are from Manitoba… that is considered in my books to be Canadian. They are called Pickerel, not Walleye. Walleye is some bastardized name for a fish that Americans call it. Not my fault they claim everything as their own. We proud Canuck's call them Pickerel and so should you. If Americans don't like that name, then they can stay home and catch Walleye in Yankeeville USA.
    You should not cater to their name to get rating's.

  4. Caught one North West Georgia (Rocky mountain project) while throwing spinnerbait near schooling bait fish .It was with a school of bass near a drop off.

  5. jay would u ever try a lake in my region i would like to see if u could spot some walleye alot and stuff u look really good and it would be a nice video going away from ur town

  6. I will have to try that drop shot method. My issue is tying the knot for connecting lines and hooks together. I will research and hope to get better. Great save on the fish. Handle with care and the fishery will always be there.

  7. I usually wait until I hit bottom before closing the bail. When you close it, no more line can be let out so the lure is falling towards you while it's sinking to bottom. When you leave the bail open, the line is able to let out so the lure will sink more directly down to bottom which will give you more room to work it, even if just a little.

  8. Drop shot weights are expensive. Use removable split shot weights instead. They're cheap and pull off easily if snagged. They can be replaced quickly. Why spend $$$ on specialty weights ?

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