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Simple bass fishing using light tackle in a Welsh estuary – UK Sea Fishing

Using minimal tackle and travelling light, I fished the mouth of a Welsh estuary targeting bass using a spinning rod and a simple running ledger rig baited with razor fish. The aim was to fish the first few hours of the flood, walking back as the tide advanced. There were plenty of bait fish showing, with the terns diving for sandeels and once darkness fell, I hooked into a nice bass. I hope you enjoy this short video and, if so, it would mean a lot if you could like, share and subscribe. Many thanks.


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  1. I've done this for the last 12 years
    I walk 10 to 15 miles a day and at 66 keeps me healthy
    But I use lures
    Walking the mudflats at 3 in the morning gives me peace and I forget everyday life ie the rat race

  2. As usual amazing footage and beautiful fish, oh and the landscape is breathtaking..I love the rod as well not to mention that sea bass is my favorite fish togheter with sea bream.

    Greetings from Tuscany, Italy .

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