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Searching for Smallmouth on Lake Champlain – New York Bass Fishing

In search of schools of Post-Spawn Smallmouth out on Lake Champlain as I prepare for the upcoming Major League Fishing Pro Circuit event scheduled for late July, 2022. Largemouth are also a potential player on Lake Champlain so trying to keep them honest as well. But I wanna target the brown ones!

Hitching & Fishing with Miranda and Kyle Cortiana

Searching for Smallmouth on Lake Champlain – New York Bass Fishing video is brought to you by:

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  1. Congrats on making the cut today. Good luck in the knockout round. I've enjoyed watching the videos on my home lake of Champlain and that North Hero Bridge you were fishing under is right out in front of my place so that was cool to see.

  2. What lb test are you using on your spinning rod to boat flip those big (to me) smallmouths? I mean, I know how math works, and I've swung big crappie on a jig with 6#, but I would want at least 12# to risk breaking off an expensive spybait.

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