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SAD 4th of July for Realistic Fishing – Bass and Crappie Lures!!!

Its a SAD 4th of July for one lucky Realistic Fishing subscriber. I have some bass and crappie lures picked out for this Subscriber Appreciation Day. Googan Baits, Mister Twisters and more, are up for grabs. I really hope the lucky winner can get out there and catch some crappie and bass on these unique lures. I hope everyone out there has a happy Independence Day, and I hope you can get out and do some bass fishing. Be sure to comment on videos and next time may be your turn to have a SAD day courtesy of Realistic Fishing. #realistic #fishing


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  1. Yuengling makes amazing beers. I especially love their Bland & Tan. I just wish the company wasn't owned by such a horrible horrible human being.

  2. It's not often I win anything, but I'm one happy camper. But the best thing about this channel is that you don't have to bribe anyone to watch in the first place — you just like to randomly give back and it's much appreciated. Plus it makes for a really nice surprise while watching a video haha. Thanks again and hope you're having a great 4th as well.

  3. Happy 4th of July Alex!! Congratulations to Doomsday!!! And thank you for the shout out Alex!! It definitely made my 4th a little brighter!. I truly enjoyed hearing all of the amazing shout outs!! I hope you got to enjoy the festivities today. Thank you Alex for always keeping it realistic 🎣😊

  4. Happy independence day brother and cheers!! 🧨🎇🗽🍻
    How can I get one of the shirts you are wearing in this video?… I'll gladly pay for it and wear it to support you. Tight lines 🎣

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