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Revolutionize Your Bass Fishing Skills with Nomad Design Chug Norris

Bass fishing the nomad design chug Norris! In this video I will be bass fishing the nomad baits chug Norris topwater popper for bass! I will be heading out to my local lake to do some bass fishing on lake Marburg. It is post spawn bass fishing in full swing and it should be a topwater popper beatdown! I start out fishing shallow grass with a popper! And in this video I will go over the best retrieve styles for the nomad design chug Norris as well as show you underwater footage of the nomad design chug Norris and how it performs in the water as well as my overall review of the nomad design chug Norris. This is by far one of the most informational topwater fishing tip videos you will find out there as well as showing you some amazing under water lure footage and how they perform. This is the best bass fishing video for how to fish a topwater popper or bass! The chug Norris is the easiest to use topwater bass fishing lure ever! Hopefully you guys enjoy these bass fishing tips.

Link for more amazing content by yours truly: https://www.youtube.com/@BassinItUpMoffitt/videos

Link for Nomad design chug Norris popper: https://www.nomadtackle.com/products/chug-norris-72-autotune-freshwater-3-3-8oz?variant=42629721325815

Link for Rods I use by Enigma fishing: https://enigmafishing.com/collections/rods


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  1. This is good info! I am always getting snagged on the bottom if I fish by the dam or the pier. This would be a good alternative to go with looks like thanks Hunter!

  2. nice, my fav to do. might have to look about getting one of those to try, seems really loud. nice second fish, so cool. was this on a sat or weekday morning? curious!!! thinking might have to try a weekday evening sometime soon, sat mornings i think they know, lol to much activity by boats and kayaks. we saw some huge snappers at long arm last 2 weeks, they actually hissed when at surface. kind of freaky

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