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Rage, Keitech, or Exoswim!!! #bass #fishing #swimbaits

Ok, today i’m going to go over 3 small swimbaits that i throw on a regular basis. These are just a few of the small ones i throw and i’ll explain the differences between them. The Rage swimmer is a great bait by itself and an awesome trailer as well. The Keitech is also a great little swimbait and i use this one as a trailer also. The Exoswim, this bait is one of my favorites. This bait has more action than the other two with a side rolling motion that most others don’t have and that alone sets it apart. I have been fishing with this for about a month now i have to say that i’m very impressed. Hope you guys enjoyed the video and i look forward to seeing everyone on the next livestream.


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  1. Awesome buddy! The Keitech and Exoswim are both my go '2' for chatterbait trailers! We do a lot of Bass fishing but also Northern Snakehead fishing and these swimbaits are the absolute juice!! Thank you for another great helpful video and the Awesome shout out to our Bass Brother in Arms Tackle Junky 👆👊😎

  2. Great video man! I also been using the new Berkley Power swimmers they're made of that thicker plastic and they give you that body roll because the ribs actually hold up against the water displacement and moved more throughout the whole body also you guys can pick up the rate swimmers in the three-point to 5 and the white or the natural Shad I think it's I don't remember the exact color the one you're holding up in your hand for 350 a pack. I love those on my trailers perfect size and they seem to get chewed up a little bit faster so the cost helps

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