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Fishing line is our direct connection between us and the fish, and if you are making these mistakes you could be costing yourself the fish of a lifetime.

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Fishing line is truly one of the most important pieces of equipment that we have as fisherman. It can dictate what rods, lures, and hooks that you use.

In this video, I will break down the characteristics of all the fishing lines out there, and I will discuss a few tips to help you when picking out your line!

BassFishingHQ is dedicated to teaching people how to catch more and bigger bass. I will go over different bass fishing tips & techniques that will put more fish in the boat or on the shore. Whether you are just starting out or a seasoned tournament angler, my goal is to help you catch more bass.

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  1. B I spin for AUSTRALIAN salmon I use a 9 ft 6 ,, rod ,and my reel diwia bg 5000dawia reel loaded up with 40lb pe braid 4 strand works well throwing 85 gm lures to the first break.

  2. I would love to see a real test between Monofilament vs Fluorocarbon. I really think there is such a big misconception where we were sold a bill of goods with Fluorocarbon. Stretch, abrasion resistance, and invisibility benefits (if any) over mono in my opinion are simply marketing ploys to make us spend a ridiculous amount of money for something that isn't any better. Fishermen are more gullible than the fish when it comes to being lured in. I'm guilty of it too.

  3. Thank you for putting so much time into your tests. They are super helpful. I have two quibbles, which Salt Strong demonstrated clearly.

    1. Mono is more abrasion resistant than fluoro. This is opposite what the industry feeds us.
    2. Mono does not float. It is less dense than fluoro, but it still sinks once you break the surface tension.

    Probably the reason you have to replace fluoro so often is because it weakens significantly from stress, also demonstrated by Salt Strong.

    If you still have your test equipment and did the same tests against 20 lb Stren, it would be really interesting to see where it ended up in the rankings. You don't have to test all monos, just one would do.

  4. I like to use ''line butter'' .Its a line conditioner you spray on your spool at home and let sit overnight . I find it helps my mono stay manageable and healthy.

  5. I'm not a tournament fishermen, so I've been using 30-lb braid on a 6'6" med-heavy spinning rod, for years. Never tied it to a fluorocarbon leader, always used wire leaders. Never had a fish straighten out hooks, and I've caught everything from pan fish to muskies with no worries about the fish seeing the line, whether I've used live bait or lures.

  6. I use mono, I have for a very long time, since I was a kid, it’s cheap, it works, I don’t fish for a living , so I just change it when it needs changing and go fishing. Fresh or salt water I use all mono. Sometimes I make wire leaders in salt water fishing, sometimes I use bigger mono leaders, I catch fish. I’ll leave all the other science to the experts.

  7. What should I be throwing mid depth crank baits on? I know I probably shouldn’t be using braid but I like the sensitivity it gives me. I can feel every rock and piece of grass. I usually use braid with a very long mono leader and a softer parabolic rod. When I use mono, I can’t feel anything, not even the wiggle of the bait. Should I be using fluorocarbon lone for this.

  8. After watching your video, I've realised how I'm keeping my spools to be cooked in the trunk of my car, under the sun in the parking lot…
    Great pieces of advice. Thank you!

  9. Braid + fluoro forever, tied with reverse Allbright.
    30 to 50 lbs braid + 15 to 20 lbs fluoro for punching & flipping in heavy cover
    15 lbs braid + 6 to 10 lbs fluoro, finesse in clear water.
    Cheers from Italy

  10. There's a huge tip i'd like to leave for everyone. After putting fluro line on your new spool. I like to warm up water in a bowl and leave my spool in the bowl for 10 minutes so the new line gets used to the new diameter spool it is sitting on. Since it comes in a big diameter spool from the store it is used to that shape. Heating it up and getting used to it's new shape will allow you to fish without much fuss from wind knots or if you have thicker line it's a lot less fuss. It's an unspoken rule that i never see any pro mention. I have been doing it since i was a kid. It makes a big difference. Forgot to do it yesterday on some new copolymer line i'm testing and it gave me nothing but problems.

  11. You have a sinking monofilament too.
    Medium range monofilament is $5+ for 150m (meters).
    Really good quality monofilament is $10+ for 150m.
    In my experience, anything under $5 is mostly junk. Especially since I mostly use 0.14. And that in a type of fishing where you usually have bigger and more aggressive fish than in the average bass fishing.

  12. I think I might need to get 30 rods and line them up with everything on the market to be safe. Why does fishing have to be a science. When I was a kid, a simple cane pole was always great. If the fish were biting.

  13. Use braid in WEEDS bass will not see it , some fluorocarbon will only PULL half their rated weight!!!! Gama and spro pulls their weight at 8 to 12 lbs, I have tested!!!! Gama copolymer line is molecular changed to not be sun affected and is stronger than most!!!! And is guaranteed or you money Back !!!!!!

  14. I like to use braided line with some of that seaguar gold label that works perfect for almost all of my rods except the ones for deep drops and kite fishing I use braided and mono for top shot.

  15. I remember many years ago rods were shorter like 5.5' or 6'. Now I found then that longer rods like 6.5" to over 7' worked much better for me and a fast tip rod I don't care what bait I used. The first time I used braid after I never used anything else. Casting distance improved and never tangled like mono can knots never fail if you tie them right.

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