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Fishing line is our direct connection between us and the fish, and if you are making these mistakes you could be costing yourself the fish of a lifetime.

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Fishing line is truly one of the most important pieces of equipment that we have as fisherman. It can dictate what rods, lures, and hooks that you use.

In this video, I will break down the characteristics of all the fishing lines out there, and I will discuss a few tips to help you when picking out your line!

BassFishingHQ is dedicated to teaching people how to catch more and bigger bass. I will go over different bass fishing tips & techniques that will put more fish in the boat or on the shore. Whether you are just starting out or a seasoned tournament angler, my goal is to help you catch more bass.

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  1. I m bigenner and I m fishing in salt water I use nylon line for years by washing the ligne with drink water and keeping it freech is it true!!! For you

  2. I did not hear Bass FishingHQ talk about the reels. Using Mono on a spinning reel year in year probably means you need to replace that mono line once a year. Using a casting reel with mono might actually be less abrasive but I just don't know if mono is even the right choice for casting. Keeping braided line on any kind of reel, year in year out is probably not too problematic. Lastly, in Hawaii I did a lot of medium to heavy top water trolling with more than one pole and I learned very quickly that the preferred line for that kind of fishing, in my opinion, is mono. Tangles are benign, easy to untangle, hookup and landing the fish are "business as usual" Using braided: I quit using braided for trolling in Hawaii in a hurry! If you tangle mono with braided ..what a mess. If you tangle 2 braided lines, get the knife out do not waste time. For bottom fishing there is only braided. Forget mono for deep down bottom fishing. My opinion.

  3. How do so many experienced Bass fisherman get the misconception that Fluorocarbon is more expensive than braid. Do they not know that Berkeley Vanish exists.

  4. Flouro stretches just as much as mono. Ive seen the testing done on this. Also, i dont see a big difference in the sinking properties. Cut a couple pieces of each and drop them in a glass and watch for yourself.

  5. It’s funny how simple and common sense this is, almost stupid for me to be listening to…but I’ll still listen and think about every fish I’ve ever caught on each type of line haha!

  6. So is monofilament actually useful? I don't see a point to use it (except for leaders) when you have copolymer and braid which both do the same thing monofilament does, but better.

  7. Braid is the to go for me and I use fluoro leader to make sure that there are still a little bit of stretch to the leader and it helps with getting out of the situation when u hooked onto a rock

  8. Isn't it amazing how you have to use all of these different lines now to catch fish ? Guess the fish have become so intelligent that if they see a length of mono in the water they know there is a lure with a hook in it on the end. This is simply the BASS world's PR BS. Mono still catches everything that swims.

  9. Its more then kind of confusing…. the ya gotta find a spot… all the public ones have been dogshit for my broke bankfishin ass 😂

  10. Don't you HAVE to tie leaders for braid to? I keep searching if i absolurely have to use a leader with braid and i'm finding no answers

  11. I have 3 spinning combos…15 lb braid, & 2 w/30 lb. Braid….25 casting combos, with 2 spooled with 50-65 braid….23 combos with various monofilament….That's my equipment…no fluoro for me…if it's not changed out very frequently, it will randomly break…I'll pass on that

  12. Important to know that Braided line comes in 4 or 8 strand. The latter of which, is easier on your line guides, is more abrasion resistant and better castability.

    Also: Since we only use the first 100 yards of line, then just replace the first 100 yards of line. Take a new 330 yard spool of expensive braided line and add 100 yards on the reel, as a backer, then cut the line and reattach the line, using a double Uni-knot, and fill the spool. To replace, just strip off the old line at the uni-knot and add the remaining 100 yards.. Cuts line cost in half.

  13. Basic rule of thumb is a s long as you know what you're line is doing you can get things to work. Little lighter jig or weigh on your texas rig. Little heavier. We budget anglers no this big time. 👍

  14. Thank you!
    I always try to talk to my buddies who fish about line and pole setups for different purposes and they are so damn ignorant and seems like theyd rather not learn and keep fishin with line that come on their poles etc, being very specific with my gear myself it irks me lol.

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