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Pike, Largemouth Bass and Panfish – Rondeau Bay Action!

It’s a gorgeous morning today and we’re fishing the weedy waters of Rondeau Bay. The water is about 3-4 feet deep, and the weeds are coming up to about 1 foot to the surface of the water. We’re using some crankbaits and spinnerbaits to pull the fish out of the weeds.

How to Fillet a Pike (and Get 5 Boneless Fillets!)

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As always until next time, good luck and good fishin’!


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  1. Hey, my family has a cottage up on the bay and I always have trouble finding a good spot to fish. It looks like you were fishing right in the middle of the bay, how did you decide where to fish when you were there?

  2. Something happened to my account and I lost all the people I subscribed too, I’m so glad I remembered your channel Ivo you have taught me so much over the years about fishing. God bless and tight lines my friend!

  3. Great episode, as always. I'm thinking this was filmed last summer or fall. Water temp hasn't quite reached 50 down here yet. But this sure gets the fishing juices flowing.

  4. Pike are a delicious, native Canadian species, and they deserve to have their y bones picked out by hand so no meat is wasted. The biggest pike are female and responsible for most of the successful egg production for the species. They're also overfished in many smaller waterways, especially where they have to compete with invasive bass or too many fishermen, so in those situations or if they're big I let them go.

  5. Thank god for these videos. I’m currently in self quarantine from everyone I know except for my work due to a covid outbreak at our LTC home.

    These vids help pass the time and get me looking forward to all the awesome fishing that I know is coming this spring and summer. None of which is far from now.

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