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One of the MOST DEADLY Bass Fishing Techniques ~ Swimming a NED RIG

Swimming a Ned Rig is one of the most deadly bass fishing techniques. Its a new technique that uses a Ned Rig jig paired up with a Senko or stick bait but instead of dragging the lure on the bottom, it’s fished much like a finesse swimbait on a light jig. In this video I show you how to rig up a Ned Rig, how to fish it using the swimming technique. We also talk about what rod, reels, fishing line and baits you need to setup this rig.

Want to swim a Ned Rig, here’s what you need:

JT Mag Ned Rig Jig

KS II Spinning rod Ned Rig setup

Daiwa Spinning Reel

MonsterBass hat and buff

Ace soft plastic stick worm

Braided fishing line for finesse fishing

Flourocarbon leader

Forward facing sonar


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  1. I have been using ned rigs for a long time and I have great luck trolling them behind my kayak for smallies. One of the most versatile luresfor any kind of bass for sure. If I cant get anything to bite, I tie on a ned.

  2. I'm gonna have to try this. Been slaying them on the neko all summer. I'll be using the ewg ned hook though. It's the only way you can fish a ned in my area. I was just thinking the other day, someone needs to make a 3/0 ewg ned hook. Love your vids, great content!

  3. hey Mikey! ironically I was using exact same 3/16 JT nichols head w/6” Ace cut at egg sack. Got a few on Lanier when the schoolers went down. I think the fish gets so accustomed to seeing keitec paddle tails and this is a different look for sure.

  4. I swim a trick worm (sometimes in half) when they won’t bite anything. I am going to try this as well. Florida has so much muck on the bottom, this technique is gold!

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