No casts in practice? Underwater cams instead? Slim Beauty! Top 5 in Bass Fishing Ep 56

Can you not make a cast in practice and then win a tournament? Jordan Lee did! Both him and runner-up Alton Jones Jr used underwater cameras instead at St Clair, then forward-facing sonar in the tournament. It’s becoming a thing, more pros are using it – makes sense! Also got a good alternative to the FG Knot – the Slim Beauty!

Here’s your @seafoamworks Top 5 of the Week in Bass Fishing, Ep 56!

1. J-Lee’s no-casts Canada gamble
2. Alton Jr is Geecrackin’ ’em!
3. Forward-facing sonar playing again
4. Aqua-Vu cameras playing too:
5. The Slim Beauty knot

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  1. I love these bass blasters, quick and to the point with the juice. Alittle on the long side time wise, drives me nuts when people intentionally slow their speech down , like IKE does.

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