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New Striped Bass Regulation – Is this the End of Striper Fishing as We Know it?

Lots, and I mean LOTS, has been written, spoken and said about the recent ASFCA proposal to change the striped bass slot limit from 28-35 inches to 28-31 inches. States have until July 2nd to comply with the proposal or risk penalty.

In this video, I try and explain the reasons behinds the proposal and ask the question: how will this affect you? Let me know in the comments.

GoPro Hero 11:


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  1. 11% commercial catch – and no slot limits, yeah right.
    I was at a commercial striper drop zone/bait shop, just before opening hours (5am) and was blown away of the amount of 30+ lbers were off loaded into big pallet 4'x8' crates with 2
    3' side walls, each packing 15-25 stripers.

  2. Seriously!!! I go fishing for seabass in the winter on overnight trips and they average about $200-300 and additional money for food and fuel.
    There is no shortage of fish !! Do you really think that the guys are putting their time and money to come home with 7-15 seabass??
    Let's be realistic here !!!
    Striped bass conservation is a great effort but at least increase the possession limit to 2 with the implementation of new slot size !!

  3. I think this is a good decision. The Northeast fishing community needs to have a look at itself. There are better managed fisheries in other parts of the country and they thrive. We can see the rules in effect. Changes for blues have led to better fishing, 28-35 has led to better bass fishing, weakfish came back after a rule change but it took awhile. Of course other factors matter, but killing fewer fish leads to better fishing. In the long run the charter boats will see better business with better fishing. Some of the loudest complainers make me roll my eyes. They don't follow the rules anyway so a change in rules won't impact them eh? Anyone who has been on a party boat in Western LI or NYC knows how widespread this problem is.

  4. Captian, this is the Story of the Tarpon in Florida. All protected. You can see the results. Tarpon are recovering ❤️‍🩹. I’m sure the Strippers will do the same!

  5. Great Vid! I always enjoy your work. You have great positivity, and the Striper reg explanation was on point. But Major Shout out for suggesting the Hisea Fishing Boots a while back. They are AWESOME! Comfortable! I use them for working around the house as well as fishing. Just a great buy.

  6. I didn't see in your video if you had any statistics on the illegal striper harvesting. I seen a lot of videos of the DNR fishing out Is net Full of dead striper from illegal fishing big net Full thousands of fish at a time it happens every year in the Chesapeake Bay. one year I think they had almost a million fish Dead the bottom of the Bay in nets from illegal harvesting. Not sure of the article but in 2018 I read an article claiming that commercial striped bass fishing consumed 70% of the striper allowance every year. I take articles with a grain of salt.

  7. I think it’s great! They should do something similar to protect the breeder fluke too! Fluke aren’t doing great and a lot of it is people keeping the big females

  8. The stated Commercial catch and keep rate in the Chesapeake Bay Region of 11% is no where near correct. There is a huge illegal fishery in the Chesapeake Bay Region that has been known for a long time. Many restaurants in this area contribute to this illegal fishery. Until there is a stop to this I believe we are not going to know the Commercial impact on the fishery.

  9. I'd love to see a smaller slot grouping. Small guys taste better and we shouldn't be keeping breeders. Aside from lack of DEC and Ranger presence in NY letting poachers run rampant, I constantly watch people sanddrag and knee bass. Want to take a pic? I get it. Its so easy to do it quick and in the water. People need to stop dragging the bass halfway up the beach and keeping them out of water for more than needed.

  10. Its a keeper if i keep it….sounds like a lot of patronized guess work to me…
    The fishery has never been so abundant.
    They should be more concerned with whay they are doing to the whales…
    Always trust ypur Govt. They would never lie to you….
    Tight lines and see you out there

  11. Great job as usual John. This is an important topic to communicate. We absolutely need to preserve the fishery. I ONLY WISH THEY OFF-SHORE COMMERCIAL DRAGGING WOULD BE MORE REGULATED AND enforced. I'd hate to see a moratorium get imposed.

  12. I go on charter boats a lot and I’d love to catch a keeper but the thrill and excitement of catching a monster stripped bass and snapping a picture is awesome ! Unfortunately too many people fishing the surf or on private boats don’t play by the rules and keep oversized and undersized strippers that the last rule change wasn’t enough to boost the population so they are forced to lower the slot size even more in effort to save our fisheries . Play by the Rules people and don’t keep more than you really need please we will all benefit in the long run

  13. I’m a believer in conservation
    Two consequences of the new regs will be
    Negative impact on charter and party boats
    Large increase in dead discards because of improper release
    Seems like a balancing act between a catch and release only or just a complete shutdown

  14. Slot size won't do anything until All states Especially NY mainly the Five boroughs steps up on it's enforcement
    on checking anglers for illegal fish size and quantity. I see it every weekend i go out people keeping illegal fish and not one DEC officer around where are they all? It's ridiculous and sad to think NY does not care about this problem and I mean mainly the five boroughs of NY. We need more officers out there in all the boroughs they know where people fish Bridges, piers, beaches etc… more enforcement is needed for all fish.

  15. I hope New Jersey holds their ground. we did it to fight fluke regulations, and we won that year, but Phil Murphy has so far been a horrible governor, so expect NJ to comply

  16. I can help but call bullshit on commercial fisherman being responsible for 11 percent of harvest. I know old timers who know net boat captains. They don't give a simple fuck it's take take take and whatever they don't need thrown back dead or alive. Also the international fishing boats that enter our waters and rape our populations. Who is gonna make rules for these people?

  17. I fish the lower Chesapeake Bay and a 18" to 28" Slot Limit of one fish was imposed several years ago. These regulations hurt the tackle shops and the charter business because the Stripers were pretty much the only trophy targeted fish during the October – December Season. Some anglers still fish for a catch and release trophy but I would guess 90% of anglers quit fishing for Stripers. I just don't understand why we cannot have a licensing system with a tag allowing a fisherman to keep one trophy fish per season. This would be similar to a system used by hunters for big game.

  18. On the Texas coast, we have a slot for red drum (redfish) of 20-28", but we have a tag for one fish over 28", use that and you can buy a second one for $3, so two oversize per year. Works well for reds, don't know if it would help your situation.

  19. PA guy here that has been fishing the Chesapeake and NJ targeting striped bass for approximately 10 years. I’m with everyone here we need to protect the breeders. Being that 80% of stripers are born and raised in the Chesapeake I can definitely see a huge difference in the numbers of the larger fish. They just aren’t there in the same numbers. Anyone who hasn’t seen how the recreational and charter guys target them in the Chesapeake should look at some videos of running large planer boards. They are trolling up to 20 rods at once. It’s a very unique style and they hammer the fish. We need to protect them. Thanks for a great video.

  20. Was at Gardners Point in Old Saybrook yesterday in the rain…wallah..2 guys loading the cooler with shorts…Guy says, "Family has To Eat".. I didnt

  21. Like you Captain I can see both sides of this coin, but I just hope people realize and respect the amount of science, work, and calculations that go into making these decisions, a lot of guys initial gut reaction is to assume these things are thrust upon the public by a bunch of bureaucrats and politicians who wouldn't know a fishing pole from a telephone pole, because not many people follow the science, or look at the studies, on a regular basis, it's only when it affects their pursuits that they even realize it's being done. I would just like people to base their reactions on the facts and not strictly on their emotions, you're obviously free to choose yay or nay, just do it for the right reasons, and if you don't know, find out, the information is out there… Good Luck!!

  22. Stripped bass is something I don’t normally target I like going out for fluke and Black Sea bass and this year I’m getting into the tuna game. The problem with me targeting those fish is it’s an hour ride out or more to decent fishing grounds for them but if I took a couple friends out fishing after work; that’s the time I’d troll a line in Narragansett bay for stripers and would most of time have success. Now with the new regulation on stripped bass I feel as though it’s not worth it targeting them

  23. I took up fishing years ago to teach me patience. I love the act of fishing, I went from fresh water for Trout and Bass to saltwater and owning my own boat. Everyone loves catching fish and most like eating their catch but is the act of fishing that draws us all into it. My best friends are my fishing buddies. It’s like a family, we might not agree on everything in life but we will always be there for each other. I agree with you, it is the hunt, the bend of the rod and the excitement of everyone on the boat when a fish is hooked that makes us fisherman. Love your channel. Tight lines.

  24. So first they change limit on bluefish! 3 fish is bs! I fine on rockfish rules since I don’t fish for them much of the time….. we should protect the bleeder rockfish… but we need to talk about billions of blues eating sea trout

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