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New Big Bass Lakes in Florida – Lakewood Ranch

I get to explore the some new BIG BASS lakes that Lakewood Ranch built with my good friend Ron. These lakes are built for fisherman and full of some nice bass. Lakewood Ranch is developing a unique property in the Sarasota area with tons of amenities. I can’t wait to get back soon. This place is very nice. .

Drop a comment below and let me know what you think of the videos.


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  1. Just went to these lakes today it's still under construction but there's a ton of houses built up around there now. You're only allowed to fish the lakes if you're a resident of the community but I fished it anyways… caught a 5 pounder on a frog in the Florida summer heat gotta love it

  2. I have read many of the comments below. And boy is it true… If there is a place you could fish you can't fish You know why, it's because of all the debree left behind by those that have been there in the past. If you see someone leaving anything that was not there tell them to pick it up and take it with them. Salt of fresh water Beach lake woods etc.

  3. You sir are a legend. You've forgot more about fishing, then most people will ever learn.. You ever want a tag along. I'm 5 miles from chicks aura lake.. I can't offer much, except lunch.. Lol have a great day, G.O.AT. ( greatest of all time)

  4. Might be the perfect boat for me!! New and right in my price budget. Looks like might need an upgrade motor and electronics, but still super cheap for brand new boat.

  5. I paint alot of these houses an let me tell ya a rod is in my van everyday (most important tool u know).. These lil ponds have givin me alot of big bass pics def worth a try if u dnt get ran out by some of the home owners.. Awesome job rolond!!

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