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NED Rig Fishing From Shore – Early Fall Bass Fishing With a Ned Rig!

Today we are doing some Ned Rig fishing from Shore. Early fall Bass fishing with a Ned rig can yield mixed results. I thought I was going to catch a bunch of fish today. Since I caught two largemouth bass in the first ten minutes, I thought I would be catching them all night, but that wasn’t the case. I did catch one on the second cast, and another one a few minutes later. But that was it! I didn;t get another bite for the rest of my time fishing. The weather is just starting to cool off, and the water temps should be going down too. If the bite is still slow in your area, maybe fishing with a Ned rig can get you a few bass. #realistic #fishing

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  1. Sup Alex, another great video, couple nice bass, then got tough, I don't have luck on the bed rig, I watched how you were retrieve it, glad you explained it as doing it, see what happens the weekend, sometimes lucky before big storm. Tyvm tc ๐ŸŽฃ

  2. Had a horrendous day today just trying to get some easy bluegill with gulp minnows. NOTHING! Got home and saw you had a new video out. Made me feel better immediately. Tomorrow I go try for some Bass. Thanks. KIR!

  3. That's a realistic episode man. Relatable as hell. Def been there bro. Bite starts off good and you're thinking you're gonna be smokin them, then it just shuts off like a light switch. Still a solid two on the creature ned. Was good to see you pop a few after a long day of cutting grass on the lake while not being able to fish. Keep keeping it realistic brother.

  4. I'm happy whenever I get the chance to go fishing. And my goal is to try and keep the proverbial skunk out of the equation. Most times I can but sometimes I can't. Still enjoy trying though. Thanks for the video Alex

  5. Hello as usual great content. The bites been terrible in Boston area but Iโ€™m going to lake Champlain for 1 week tomorrow and Iโ€™ve heard plenty of fish willing to bite there. Hope I can catch my first pike. Keep it Realistic!!!!

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