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Native Watercraft Titan in action (BIG Bass Fishing)

Got to test out the new Native Watercraft Titan Prople 13.5 Pedal Drive Fishing Kayak today out on Lake Eufaula and really got on some big bass!!!

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-Rods and Reels I use-
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Denali Kovert Series 7’3 Medium Heavy: https://goo.gl/lfbmDV
Abu Garcia Veritas 7’0 Medium Heavy: https://goo.gl/otPdxJ
Abu Garcia Veritas 7’0 Medium: https://goo.gl/otPdxJ
St. Croix Triumph 6’6 Medium Spinning: https://goo.gl/B56xyL

Lews Speed Spool: https://goo.gl/VDWmSH
Lews Speed Spool: https://goo.gl/ux6ZuM
Lews Speed Spool Spinning: https://goo.gl/0V3UP6
Shimano Curado 200: https://goo.gl/7o3seI
Abu Garcia Silver Max: https://goo.gl/aUfaAY
Abu Garcia Pro Max: https://goo.gl/7ncXC9
Quantum Team KVD: https://goo.gl/e5I5xO


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  1. First fishing outing in the TITAN!!! Was a great day out on the water! LIKE if you enjoyed this type of video and SUBSCRIBE if you are new to the channel.

  2. Idk if you'll see this but I miss these videos.. Im trying to get into yak fishing and would love to watch you throw a line on a yak again. 🎣🇺🇸🎣 this was a dope video.. Also why you don't catch bass like this today on this lake????. Jk kinda.. Lol

  3. Just came across your vids. Those were some nice bass. I have the slayer 13 propel and i like everything except the turning radius, which i see they improved on the titan. I don't know if they make it for the titan yet, but the best improvement i made was installing boone docks landing gear, really helps getting in and out of the water. Good luck and tight lines. I subbed too.

  4. Nice video. I'm looking for a Kayak myself and I'm a Big Guy, 6'3" 350lbs. I'm not sure if I want a Pedal or Paddle Yak. Would you recommend this Yak if not can you recommend one. I'd really appreciate it. I'll mainly use it in shallow saltwater lakes and marshes for Reds, Specks and Flounder.

  5. Nice fishing man.How are you liking that Titan? Had mine a month or so now. I love somethings and am disappointed in others. Overall, its still a fishing machine! Keep up the good videos!

  6. Lojo, just found your channel, sub'd and glad I did. As my name suggests (for now) I'm looking 2 kayak, at some point. In the middle of divorce, so money is tighter than tight. But I'll get it together and get to yakking as I can. I would like to ask about peddling. I've got arthritis in my knees and wondered which peddle system, in your opinion, would be easier on them??? It's not like I'm cripple, but I just don't want something that would put unnecessary stress on them. Time gathering monies is forcing me to be patient, but scan thru lots of reviews which is awesome.Thanks Bro for your informative info, tight lines bearded fish dude 😀

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