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My BEST Day of Bass Fishing EVER (Winter Big Bass Fishing)

In this bass fishing video we caught some huge bass! This is by far one of my best bass fishing days ever. It’s always a great time hitting the water with a buddy and slaying those huge bass! What’s the best day of bass fishing you’ve had? What winter fishing video would you like to see next? Have you caught in huge bass while fishing recently? Let me know if you like these bass fishing videos / winter fishing videos. Also leave your feedback on the huge bass fishing videos / winter bass fishing videos. Now lets go on the best bass fishing day ever!


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  1. ey man have you ever texas rigged one of them underspins? looking for a weedless option for what you got there… i guarantee i could slam a ton of biggins with an underspin at a few lakes around me here in michigan but lots of long stringy weeds…

  2. Feb 19 2001 the day after Dale Earnheart died. My buddy and I were fishing a farm pond in north Alabama. I could not get into it because the wreck on the last lap of the DATONA 500 was on my mind heavy. But after 15 minutes I totally forgot about every thing but the giant bass both of us were catching. When the day was over we had landed 15 bass that weighted 88 pounds. I miss my friend. He died in a auto wreck in 2014. He and I shared the best day on the water that I have ever had. R.i.p. Kevin. My best fishing Bro.

  3. What's up Noah?! Been watching for a little while now. Appreciate all the information you share on here. This is the first year I'm going to be taking my son out with me. He's been doing great in school and even won a leadership award for his performance. I'm so proud of him I can't wait to teach this kid some of the techniques I've learned from watching your show.. I never really grew up with any guidance on the lake…I wasn't blessed with the fatherly role model in my life to teach me stuff like this. Hopefully I can continue to learn and grow watching all the cool stuff you and the rest of the guys are teaching on this platform and help my son learn to fish different styles. For that I'm eternally grateful. I'm going to be able to teach my son something I was never taught growing up with confidence thanks to you guys. I can't thank y'all enough for what you do. It's an amazing thing to be able to give these life lessons to a child so that way he can carry them with him for the rest of his life and hopefully teach his kids the same. Thanks soooo much man. Mad luv for you guys and everyone else on this platform taking time out of your day to help others. Family Freedom and fish forever.

  4. I promise you that fish was 8 plus .. I love you Noah and you are a phenomenal fisherman, but you constantly guess the weight of your fish or someone’s else’s fish and always over predict the weight . Lol .. you’re awesome and fletch is as well . Love the vids !!!

  5. “I have a biggen” god damn am I tired of hearing that. Ur hard to watch bro I love that you love fishing but it’s always “biggest 2 pounder I’ve ever caught” “it’s a football”

  6. Noah You taught me about fishing when I first got started. You were the first YouTuber I put my trust into with the equipment I bought. Thank you for all the tips.
    Thank you for using this platform to spread some positivity.

    Keep them lines tight boys.

  7. Must be nice being able to bass fish all year 😂. Where I live you can only successfully bass fish from late April to early-mid October. The rest of the year is snow and ice.

  8. I love your channel and I got some Rat-L-traps for Christmas and a Scumfrog and some lizards And a new tackle box. And you have inspired me to go get so big Bass!

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