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Mike Kinnick is On The Smallmouth Bass | BigBaitPosse | Kayak Bass Fishing

Mike Kinnick is On The Smallmouth Bass | BigBaitPosse | Kayak Bass Fishing. BigBaitPosse member Mike Kinnick, is back on the river, kayak bass fishing for those smallmouth bass. He slings a variety of baits and brings good numbers of smallmouth bass to the boat.

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00:00 intro
00:08 fishing begins
09:00 fishing continues
12:04 outro


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  1. Great video. I love that pink crank bait. What is that a Bandit? Smallies destroy pink and bubblegum colors! I love to throw bubble gum colored flukes! Smallies hate them!

  2. Some serious numbers! Good stuff on the float. It don't matter who is on the yak you all crush it. That hellgramite did some damage but that pink crank did work again! Love it. I've never used a hellgramite before. And is that stick bait you were using just green pumpkin with purple flake? How do you rig it for river fishing in slower current? Or even fast current?

  3. Man ever since I started rigging my Hellgrammite the Big Bait Posse way , it has become my favorite bait for river smallmouth, throw it in the timber…. No problem. Mike had a good day. Thanks for sharing.

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