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Mid March Bass Fishing – Go Slow or Go BFS

In this 19 March, west-central Missouri adventure, both slow moving lures and a BFS crankbait allured a goodly number of largemouth bass who were abiding off-shore due to the still cold water. A Sprayed Grass colored Z-Man ZinkerZ “Varmint” Ned rig worked very well as did a PB&J Z-Man TRD HogZ on a Texas Eye Finesse jig head. A Z-Man Hula StickZ in PBJ also got into the act. In the later afternoon, probing a shallow flat with a KVD 1.5 crankbait in Delta Red on a BFS outfit landed a decent fish (but lost two other fish). Summary: Switch presentation techniques and lures and stick with the ones the fish are saying they want. No crappie or panfish participated in this outing; still too early.
Rudie Tootie the Papillon has a nice cameo for his fans.
Enjoy the show!


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  1. Don, watching your review on this new rod and reel I am thinking we could have used this often on our hikes in on many ponds! Wonderful review and looks like a winner for your easy carrying in and catching the big fish.*****!

  2. Those fish were colored up better than largemouth in my neck of the woods at present. I think largemouth do not get enough credit for how handsome they are when they are colored up like the ones you were catching! Always happy to hear the "subscription" bell for Show-Me Fish Tales ring. You have me looking at houses in Missouri!

  3. yeah i agree. who came up with that BFS lol im a spinning rod and reel guy, and even my bfs and bait casters stay home. id rather go slow. and some impressive catches keep it up and god bless

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