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Master the Yamamoto Fat Ika with Japanese-Style Bass Fishing Techniques

Gary Yamamoto Fat Ika. One of the best bass fishing lures produced by Gary Yamamoto. Fat Ika has huge followers in Japan.

In Japan, the most popular setup for Fat Ika is “Reverse Rigging”. We call it a “Backslide setting” (バックスライドセッティング). With this rigging, Fat Ika can have back-slide falling. This is great for cover fishing as well as bottom fishing.

I hope you all enjoy this video.

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Rod: Kistler Helium 3 MH 6’5″” Fast
Reel: Daiwa Tatula Type-R 8.1 LH
Line: Seager 16lb
Lure: Yamamoto Fat Ika.ゲーリーヤマモト ファットイカ

More and more fishing videos are coming! Fish in a Japanese way!

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  1. loved the video used fat ika first time ever and got a smalley on it in first 10 -15 min fishing the bottom. I agree you can cast this lure a mile!!

  2. Skipping Ika's under docks or letting it backslide into cover has been my number one go to bait for tournament fishing for years now.

    Great job on the video! However I don't want any of my competition to see this video 😆

  3. I used this bait a lot, but stopped for some reason. I need to use it again as it always worked good. I skip it under docks and trees.

    Big tip is use an Owner 4/0 Twistloc hook. The bait last so much longer. You can use a weighted hook too if fishing deeper, but I use weightless.

  4. Great video. I'm the only guy I know who fishes this bait, or admits it haha. But I was having trouble missing fish in this bait. I'm going to try cutting the bait as you showed. Thanks!!

  5. Recently came across your channel and subscribed. I really enjoy your “to the point,” detailed approach. I also live in California. What are some of your favorite fishing spots? I’m looking for some new lakes to fish.

  6. Hi Waki ​​san !! … the exact same thing happened to me !! For years I have always thought that the senko was unrivaled .. I had a bag of fat ika in a drawer for years, never used .. one day a friend of mine who was competing in bass fishing saw it .. he lit up like a Christmas tree and yelled at me "what !!! You have fat ika and you don't use them !!! You're a fool !!" .. at the time in Italy they were nowhere to be found .. So start using them .. Since then I have not stopped .. I have never seen the trick of cutting them to give the hook better setting, thanks I will try it as soon as I go fishing .. As always, small details make the big difference!! CIAO e GRAZIE!!

  7. Whoa. Those are sweet big bass. 👏🏼 Its cool that Fat Ika is so big a lure that it can be weightless rigged. Awesome demonstration video edit and drawing too, Waki 😀✨❗️

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