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After a little break from bass fishing, I decided to try a mark after work one afternoon to see if I could hook into anything. As the day progressed, the weather brightened up, which wasn’t a good thing for bass fishing conditions. When I arrived at the mark, the sun was shining and the sea had flattened right out. Nonetheless, I started throwing some lures in search of a fish. The session would start very slowly until I finally got an indication of some fish being present when a bass came up behind a surface lure and took a big swipe at it. The fish failed to connect though so I clipped on a shallow running lure, the Megabass Zonk Gataride. Within 3 casts I was finally into a nice bass. Check out this video to see how the rest of the session went. Thanks for watching and see you on the next one 🎣

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  1. Hi Cal! I’ve only recently been attempting to fish and using lures I think is what I’d like to use. I’ve watched so many of your vids and I love all the action and angles etc. it’s brilliant! I’ve now been out for about 5 sessions with no luck, any tips for a first timer? You talked about conditions etc in this video, I didn’t ever think this would be an issue in calm sunny weather!

  2. Another good vid, you live in a great area for Bass obviously. Up here in Scotland it’s all Pollack. P.S. It looks a bit hard on the fish to hold them up whilst holding just the lower jaw. I’ve always thought the jaw bones and joint will be quite weak and not built to support the dead weight of the fish. Doesn’t it risk damaging or breaking the jaw ? Support both ends surely to better return the fish unharmed ?

  3. Great video and a fine bass. I sneaked out to my local creek for an hour this morning (supposed to be working) and landed a 43 cm bass. Not earth shattering I know, but after several blanks and a few fish not much bigger than my lure I was chuffed !

  4. A big thumb up for using single hooks on your lures. Lot of anglers (old and young) should take example . One question: Is there a reason why your belly hook is mounted upside down ??

  5. Encore une très jolie vidéo ,Cal!
    Je pêche le bar dans le Cotentin près de Carteret.
    Est ce que ta canne/rod ,est de la marque Sansom lure? L'Expanse ???
    Quel est ton modèle ?
    Another very nice video, Cal!
    I fish for bass in the Cotentin near Carteret.
    Is your canne/rod a Sansom lure brand? The Expansion???
    What is your model?

  6. That first bass was a corker, Cal!
    Luck or instinct? I think your catch record answers that, dude.
    Keep the vids coming, mate, always greatly appreciated. 🤙

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