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Logic – (Bounce) Big Bass Dreams Music Video #FishingWillNeverBeTheSame

Fishing is DOPE (awesome, epic, fantastic, etc). Just having fun with a little edit of some of our adventures across the country in search of Big Bass Dreams!

The journey for us started in the streets of La Puente, California. A little hood, a little grimy but like the tough fisheries surrounding it (like Puddingstone) it molded us into who we are today. Never did we think we would EVER fish and explore any of the places outside of the Los Angeles area. Just goes to show anything is possible if you #AimHighDREAMBig AND put in the WORK to make things happen. Wishing everybody out there, “…Peace, Love and Positivity” – Logic

We never forget how we started, where we came from, or the countless amazing people who have made up such fond memories for our team. Thank you guys and we hope you enjoy the video!

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Music by – Logic (Bounce) Check out his music – lyrical flow and delivery, intelligence and positivity! Holding hip hop accountable like we should all be doing in the fishing realm! #BigBassDreams


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