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Lipless Crankbait Fishing – Is this my BIGGEST Bass EVER?!

Winter Lipless Crankbait Fishing – Learn when and where Jason likes to throw a lipless crankbait in the winter time. From a New PB to Jason falling in the boat – this video has it all!

Booyah One Knocker –
Falcon Cara All ‘Round –
Lew’s HyperMag 7.5:1 –
Sunline Fluorocarbon Sniper (14 lb.) –

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Falcon Rods –
Lew’s Reels –
Lurenet Baits –
SunLine –
Trokar Terminal Tackle –

Garmin –
The Bass Tank –
T-H Marine –

Costa Tuna Alley – ​

** BOAT **
Xpress Boat –
Yamaha Motor –
PowerPole –
Seadek –
Easy Step –

Lipless crankbait fishing winter – Learn how Jason Christie fishes lipless (booyah one knocker) when bass fishing in the winter. The lipless crankbait, also knowns as the trap, is popular bait in cold water. Jason shows you how to fish a lipless crankbait in the grass. Even in cold water a lipless bait can trigger reaction strikes in the winter time. Learn how to catch bass in the winter on crankbaits.

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  1. Thanks Jason. When there on the lipless it can get a little crazy. Either numbers or size, it's almost like cheating. Congrats, I'm pulling for a repeat performance.

  2. Dadgum! It's like hearing my old coach getting the team fired up or telling us what to do because he's been there before! Always been a big fan and congratulations on the Classic win!

  3. Hell yeah man. I was so dang nervous watching final day weigh in. I knew you had more than bass track was saying. JUST DID. When they said your weight I yelled hell yeah. My wife said dang you sound like you won the tournament lol. I just proud of you bro. Congratulations again and we'll deserved win. BTW don't be done

  4. Congrats on the "Classic" win …. long overdue! … The most important element was how you manipulated spectator boats and the media! ….truly genius!

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