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Largemouth Bass BLAST at Lower Otay Lake | Hobie Lynx Kayak fishing 🎣

There were so many fish caught during my first ever trip to Otay and even with half the lake cut off it definitely did not disappoint. We did encounter some pretty big GoPro issues due to overheating but the fishing continues with or without footage! Wouldve been nice to catch everything but the helicopters overhead picking up water did kind of make it loud and kind of killed the bite. Overall got about 15 in this 2 1/2 hour session. Hope you guys enjoy and hopefully some of you fellow anglers that would like to hit the water sometime hit me up and we can do some fishing and collab!


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  1. Yeah Boi, good session. GoPro snaphoos are so irritating but yours,,, that’s a new one lol.

    Appreciate the content while I’m all jacked up. Makes this injury a lil easier to deal with.

    Nice job, dope video 🤙🏻

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