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Lake Toho Bass Fishing Spring 2023

It’s been a while, but I’m finally back to making some fishing videos. In this video, my son and I are doing some Bass fishing on Lake Toho in Spring 2023. Some things have changed… I’m no longer guiding full-time, though, I can still swing a trip every now and then. I now work full-time as the Product Marketing Manager for @ikonboats .

What’s this mean for me? Well, I’ll still be fishing a lot, and I’ll actually be putting out a lot more videos. Some videos will be for my own channel and some will be on iKon Boats channel.

What’s this mean for CPF Lures? It means we’re still plugging a long and plan to make CPF bigger and better. We’ll soon be introducing some new baits and new colors.

Please be sure to subscribe to my channel. I really appreciate everyone that watches.

Chuck Pippin Jr.
Chuck Pippin Fishing, Inc.
#bassfishing #fishingvideo #ikonboats


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  1. Congrats on the new position Chuck, wish you all the best. Good to see Parker back at it and you guys spending quality time together, that is what it’s all about. Hope the family is well.

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