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Lake Junaluska Dam Prespawn Bass Fishing

In the video, Evergreenflyguy and I go fishing at the Lake Junaluska dam in Waynesville North Carolina (thirty miniutes from Asheville) for prespawn bass. Prespawn bass fishing is some of the best fishing you can do all year long and catch big bass. Lake Junaluska fishing is one of the local treasures we have here in Haywood county. Pre spawn bass fishing can get you some good fish if you’re patient enough and know where to fish. In WNC we have countless fish species here and finesse is normally the way to go when you want to catch many species. Lake Junaluska nc is full of many different species of fish to catch with good numbers. Spring fishing is very rewarding because this is the time of year when you can catch the biggest bass you have ever caught. Spring bass fishing is my favorite season out of the whole year. In this video, I will show you how to catch prespawn bass! Thank you for checking out my video and please consider subscribing for new content every week!




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  1. Need your help man I fish junaluska almost everyday and get bites constantly and have managed to land one fish by far the hardest time I have ever had fishing a new lake

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