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Lake Hartwell July Kayak Bass Fishing – Jack’s Boat Ramp – Summer Bass Fishing

In today’s video, I visit Jack’s Landing on Lake Hartwell for some summer July kayak bass fishing. The plan for the day is to launch and explore the very last creek on Hartwell that I have yet to visit. The bite was tough but the experience was good. I think a return trip will happen in mid-fall. I believe there will be some monsters roaming this creek.

It offers docks, riprap, cover, and structure shallow and deep, and water clarity switches between the main creek and the pockets and coves.

Shoutout, and go subscribe if you don’t mind, to @AndyExplores-hg3of for showing me this ramp in a video and also letting me know that he really likes the channel. I am putting together a nice set of items, shipping will be slow and I cannot order the last one until it’s in stock Monday but I am grateful to be helping someone else get into kayak fishing no matter what.

Jack’s Boat Ramp
4023 Whitehall Rd, Anderson, SC 29626

0:00 Intro
1:02 Fish
1:39 Rod
2:27 Fish
4:08 Fish
5:20 Shade
5:39 Outro

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  1. Great video man, hope you can get on them bluegill beds at some point. They can be a lot of fun. I bet Cooley is loaded with them right now last year I found some in august I just didn’t know how to fish them. Idk where a good place on hartwell to find them would be. You would think they would be everywhere, there are tons of bluegill there.

  2. Thanks again Andy, sorry about saying the wrong name at the end of the video, I do that sometimes. Keep fishing my dude and definitely check out the channels at the end of the video. You will love them. Hudson, Josh, and Michael are all local, unique in what they share, and great people.

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