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Jig Fishing Strategies for LARGEMOUTH BASS #bassfishing #jigfishingbass

Catching bass with jigs. Great fishing patterns for catching big bass in the Midwest. Top offshore locations and structure explained for finding largemouth bass. Break down on how to use side imaging or side scan features on your electronics for finding structure and deep populations of bedding bluegills that key in bass location.

Jig and craw tactics complimenting finesse jig presentations like Ned Rigs. Mid to late summer patterns that produce big bass. In the upper Midwest where walleye dominate the fishing scene, these bass fishing opportunities are surprisingly overlooked by many anglers but the popularity of bass fishing is rising in these regions in part because of successful high school bass fishing clubs and local bass fishing leagues.

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  1. Great video Jason I’m up in the Clear lake Iowa and as you know they are a huge walleye and yellow bass lake so any bass fishing videos or ice fishing videos around that area are always my favorite. But when it comes down to it I’m just like you I like the challenge of new water and to continue learning of how to fish

  2. Great video as always Jason! Your commentary is very easy to listen to. How about some more rigging tips? What do you use to tie a fluorocarbon leader on and things like that.

  3. Great tips for summer time bass fishing. I'm still learning and trying to grow confidence fishing off shore. I would like to see how you punch for bass in thick mats

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