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JIG catches the PIG (Reservoir Bass Fishing)

Went out on the weekend to do some bass fishing in the local pressured waters. Started at Stevens Creek Reservoir to check out the other side of the dam, but bank access was super limited! Decided to head to Vasona Reservoir instead and just as I was about to give up because of muddy water the black and blue jig caught a nice one! Missed another one and called it a day after my buddy had to dip. I will be back to Vasona Reservoir for the bass after catching that nice one! Another day in San Jose bass fishing!

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  1. "If you don't throw the lure you've already lost the lure". Bro you have a model attitude for fishing. Every lure I've lost there was a lesson in there somewhere. I look at it as you're either paying to catch fish or paying to learn. It all adds up. Great fishing as always man.

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