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Insane Ultra Clear Water Bass Fishing!!! (Lake Mohave)

Fishing for Smallmouth Bass in 20′ visibility

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  1. Man I was out there 2 days ago and got nothing. I guess u REALLY need a boat to get to the best spots. But… man… the water was SOOOOOOO clear it was freaky. When I move to Vegas next year I will have more time to get on some fish in the better areas.

  2. enjoyed your video never been to mohave planing a trip 2nd week october that shoreline looks like a great area to camp on the water and where would i put my boat in at any info I sure would appreciate it

  3. This video is straight 🔥man well done! I lived in NV for 7 years and vids like this make me miss it huge!!! That water is beautiful, never fished it but did run our boat there…Great vid and your boat is absolutely perfect for a fishing fanatic!!

  4. Great video as always, I always like to learn about hunting and fishing. It's tough to learn those skills as an adult- you really have to know someone who is into it. I would love to see some beginner how-to videos, if you're looking for ideas. Keep it up!

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