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I’ll NEVER Fish With Another KNOT Again

This is truly the best bass fishing knot, it beats the palomar, improved clinch, san diego jam knot and any other knot I compare it to!

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There are a lot of different types of fishing knots out there on the market, but with that being said, when it comes to fishing fluorocarbon fishing line, the best knot is the double pitzen.

I have fished a lot of different knots over the years and many of them I would break off from time to time…that is not the case with this knot. I have literally never broke it. It is truly stronger than any other knot I have found!

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  1. I set the hook really hard too, I've lost too many on bad hook sets. I usually don't bust the knot with a Palomar when the line is 12lbs or more. But I will give with Pitzen a try because it has happened a few times. Sure don't want it to happen on a $3K 7lb'er … ouch!

  2. I don't know what kind of bass you are all fishing for but I don't think I have ever had clinch or palomar knot break on a bass, even an 8-10 pound striper on 8 pound mono. Usually it is the northern that break the line.

  3. Personally, I use the Palomar and have never lost a fish yet, but I would be interesting in a comparison between the double Pitzen and the double Palomar.

  4. I always use a knot that allows the line to pass through the eye at least twice, so this is a perfect one for me to try. I never lose baits at the knot setting the hook. I lose them when the fish goes under a tree or rock and cuts the line.

  5. Spot on with hard set, that fish needs to know your serious too,,,, I was taught always to wet the line at drawdown so great advice there, and the knot is awesome, going to put that into use next outing

  6. Been using the palomar forever but I started fishing in the Delaware river for smallmouth and stripers. Stripers have been breaking off my line at the knot so I’m looking to try something else.

  7. Also recommend the Carrot knot for tying fluorocarbon/mono leaders to braid. There’s simply no equal, not even a double nail or blood knot companies to it.

  8. There's a lot of line stubs pointing back at the rod when you're done. Those stubs will collect grass and weeds on the retrieve. I add one step and run all those ends back throgh the loop just above the hook's eye. Makes the size of the knot a bit larger but, less to catch weeds on the retrieve.

  9. If you cross your line at the eye of the hook when tying a Palomar knot on flouro your line will cut it self on the hook set. You have to make sure your line is parallel on the eye of hook when the knot tightens

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