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I TAGGED Largemouth Bass for the First Time!

Sydnie and her Grandpa head out on their pond to tag some fish. The tags keep track of the pond’s population, size of the fish, and their health too! It’s her first time tagging, but there isn’t a shortage of fish!

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  1. Old video but good one I make my own minnow traps and catch my own and give to my friends and family you can't beat a white spinnerbait especially if it's windy most fun is to catch them on a top water chug bug is my favorite but if fishing with a old timer I would copy them 👍

  2. Googan Baits is the only thing I use. The speed worm they just came out with is fire, the Googan Frog is fire and the Click Bait actually all there Baits are fire. I threw everything away and bought Nothing but Googan Baits. Googan Squad For Life.!!

  3. not trying to be an asshole but there is literally zero point to tagging a fish with out weighing & measuring the fish. label numbers on each one and just that easy you can track each fish individually

  4. I would recommend using a speedo jig or a top water jig are pretty useful too and I have caught allot of bass on those two jigs and I have been fishing since I was 2 years old and now I am 36 and I also hunt and fish too! I also recommend using a spinner bait witch goes underwater and I also caught allot of bass on that too

  5. Buzz baits, the bigger the better, the big ones will also attract the big bass and it's very fasted paced & you can see the strike happen. Good times!

  6. I lost my grandfather last Nov to cancer. The guy got me into fishing and kept fishing almost up until his final days. I regret not spending more time on the water with him, but I will always cherish the memories of the times that we did have together. Never take it for granted, your Grandpa seems like a great man

    Also, try a Rage Tail Structure Bug (Junebug for murky, Green Pumpkin/Natural colors for clear water) and rig it the same way you're rigging the RI Beaver (Texas Rig 4/0 EWG hook with 1/4 or 3/8oz weight). It's like the beaver except better

  7. Ms Sydnie you are deadly accurate casting with a rod and reel just like you are with your bow. I finally got to eat some fresh caught crappie in Shelbyville, IL a couple weeks ago. Also got to eat some walleye. Haven't had either in a very long time since moving to AZ. I love fishing in large farm ponds like that. Fishing with you would be a blast. Thanks for sharing this special day with your grandpa.

  8. Go to plastic is always the Lunker log by Googan Squad. Wacky rig or texas rig seem to always work most times of the day. Favorite moving bait is the Googan Hummer when it's real early or late in the afternoon. Love the videos.

  9. A wacky rigged 5” black and blue flake senko on a 7’ Fenwick M HMG rod with a Daiwa Tatula 3000D-CXH using Sufix 832. I don’t use a fluoro leader when wacky rigging. Instead all I do is take a black sharpie and darken 2-3’ of line from the hook up. I skip my bait across the water and more often than not, I get an immediate hit. For hooks I use a Trokar weedless neko hook. Size 1 or 2. This past week I’ve managed to land over 20 largemouth using that method.

  10. If you hit 70k and take a person out fishing. Hypothetically speaking if I won by the chance of god, would I be allowed to bring my daughter. She watches with me we also watch Hannah Barron. But don’t think my daughter would be up for getting bit by a catfish.

  11. white spinner bait is hard to beat. Throw it at every piece of structure. The closer you can get the lure to land near the structure the better

  12. A french fry type plastic in green pumpkin and chartreuse rigged weightless wacky style is always something to get some attacks no matter how slow it is… kick it up by putting some garlic scent on it.

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