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I Really Shouldn’t be Sharing THIS!!

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Deep cranking secrets revealed when cranking for nonactive bass.

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  1. Man you crazy, the reels 15 to 30 years ago cast as good as any of the reels today. I have an Ambassador 5500 I bought brand new around 1988 that I could dang near spool all the line off when I casted it. Still have the reel to this day.

  2. Mr G U R THE MANNN!!!! Look forward to seeing you at the big bass in October my friend need another autograph hat! Lost my other one 🎣🙏

  3. I love your videos I first saw you on ice videos and then I checked out your website and YouTube channel and man you really are the bomb you really get with it when you go fishing and your little older now from what I've seen you on Ace videos but I do believe you are one of the champions of bass tournaments and you can catch some good bass and you are really out there making it work and showing how it works and I appreciate that thank you very much and thanks for Ace videos for going with you and me seeing you on Ace videos and thank you for having your own channel cuz man you are one of the top best and you will always be one of the top best because you are so good thank you so much for your content and I can't wait to see more from you

  4. Think I’m the worst bass fisherman when it comes to crankbaits. Either that or these inland Michigan bowl shaped lakes bass have no interest in them.

  5. Dt6 is one of my go to lures. Catches everything. Walleye, bass, pike. Clown fish and firetiger my go to colors. Gonna have to try the dt20 for deeper areas. Dt 6 trolling hits round 11 to 12 feet deep. Perfect for weed edges on onieda lake.

  6. Thank you man for being so honest and everything with us and yeah enjoy every one of your videos keep up the good work for us man appreciate you man

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