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I NEVER Thought I’d Hook into This Fish…

It was a big one!

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  1. You ever have any interest of trying to go to a paylake and fish, I mean all youโ€™ll be catching is catfish but still thereโ€™s a chance to catch a big one 30+ pounds.

  2. Finally Finally
    I've been telling, everyone that I've been catching the heck out of catfish,all season..
    Started using it last year after making breakfast,noticed the extreme amount of grease before I cooked it,I said to myself,
    I WONDER …And,it works great..

  3. Couldn't agree more about turning your back and bang! Fish on. Was fishing a river in Australia in winter. My partner was moanining she was cold, so I said 'watch the rods while I light a fire'. Lit said fire and I heard 'oh no!', turned to see the rod shoot off the bank into the river!. ๐Ÿคฃ. After much swearing and wading in freezing cold water, finally found the rod and eventually landed said fish!. ๐Ÿคฃ

  4. The year is 2046: the 618 music begins to play as we see Nick in his space craft with fishing poles on the roof

    "What's going on ladies and gentlemen? I'm very excited for today's video because I've flown or 943 lightyears for a possible planetary record fish on this hidden moon of Alpha-Cantura IV"

  5. I'd be happy to show you a few things up there to help you catch something other than gar and drum. I was just up there Sunday and caught a 10 pound hybrid, a bunch of blue gill and crappie along with walleye.

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