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I Know Exactly Why You Are Not Catching Many Big Bass…

Randy gives some tips and advice on catching big bass…#bassmaster #fishingdaily #bassfishing #bass #catchandrelease #fishing #fishingtrip #angler #fish #fishinglife #bigbass

Lake map breakdowns…

Blaukat old school jig link..


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  1. Covor tons of water also fishing slower techniques to catch bigger ones. Big fish as randy said overcome alot of obstacles an with the these fish also you can be sure they didn't expend extensive amount of energy to get big. Also with covering a ton of water if you do get fish pay attention to the size. Also yes lure size plays a big factor using flipping jigs in covor like brush piles pads or grass. Deep water or finding drops water that goes from shallow to deep. Football head jigs. Work lures from moderate speed 2 second pause in between. Reel for 1 second moderate speed pause 5 to 16 seconds reel moderate again 5 to 16 seconds then slow for 1 second. Switch it up as well next time reel slow for 1 second pause then slow again pause then moderate speed. Just an example. No more than 3 casts per spot casting straight then left an then right side of water. Big soft plastic fish style lures that look like fish works well catching big fish. At least minimal a 5 inch soft plastic minnow or shad style soft plastic on a drop shot make lead line at least 12 to 14 inches long.

  2. I call B.S. ofcourse working harder makes results but, nobody is a born agler. You are not a fish. A fish is the other half of your career. Nobody wakes up thinking "I was born for this" at the exact time a fish woke up thinking it was born to eat. My advice is to be unique and stop listening to these so called pros and fish with a cracker on a treble hook. If I had a dollar for every monster I've seen snatched I'd be rich. There's no such thing as a pro angler, do your own thing.

  3. I’ve consider myself a fisherman that’s at the right place at the right time with the right lure. I’m from New Jersey and have caught two over 6lbs 13 over 5lbs and around 40 over 4lb just this year my biggest 5 fish limit was just under 25lbs almost every fish was 5lbs and 1 was just over 5.25

  4. This year I’ve caught 4,5;6,7,8 and 12lb bass. Some deep dive crank but rest was drop shot. The 12 was too. Never even fought back just felt like a tree.

  5. Yea I’m a pond hopper in indiana and the biggest I’ve caught is a 8 pounder and most days I 2 to 4 pounders. I’ve never bass fished in Texas. It’s on my bucket list

  6. Great information, what if I’m consistently catching nice 3lb fish in a pond but nothing bigger do you think there are bigger fish in there that I’m just not catching?

  7. One element of importance to catching huge bass in Texas is the TEXAS wildlife and fisheries department!! These guys do a super job with the lakes as far as habitat, cross breeding with FLORIDA strain bass using scientific stud

  8. i love catching big ones, but often get distracted just getting bit. not sure how many 4’s i’ve caught this year, probably somewhere around 100. out of the 1370 bass i’ve caught this year, only 7 of them have been over 6 pounds.

  9. This has always fascinated me. Because I catch a good number of bass each year and most are likely less than two pounds. I take that as the big fish are not where I'm fishing (duhh). Which means on my lake they are out in deeper water. There are good fish on my home lake with a lake best of nearly 16 pounds caught about two years ago. Somewhere those eight to fifteen pound bass are hanging out and I have no idea where it is.

  10. Huge fan. I have learned more from u than any elite series pro. Also I think I missed a spot shaving on your chin sir. Keep the videos coming it truly helps us bass anglers who can't afford a big boat and all the electronics they have nowadays. Thanks for your bass fishing wisdom.

  11. I live in South West Florida, my biggest (11 lbs) was caught on a chrome/black back Manns -1 wake bait. That tiny bait caught me so many big ones! And I usually catch my biggest from October through February! A lot of what you said is spot on. Keep up the great content. Much love from the sunshine State!

  12. Good video Randy! Would you
    Mind doing a video specifically on punching? Would be really interested in that even if you’ve already done a video on it… thanks

  13. Thanks Randy. I know I am so lucky to live in Florida. I pulled a roughly 5 out last week. Got her on a 5'8" rod, med light and 8 lbs test. I didn't weigh her. After/during that storm, many of the storm drains drain in our local lakes. When the water rises those big bass treat those storm drains inlets like a buffet.

  14. The first requirement is you have to fish water that produces numbers of fish and increase their odds of growing up to 4# or better. Here in SW Ohio 5 fish limits might hit 10#. Ky or Chick limits usually hit 15-20.

  15. Also guys it may be just cause I fish it a lot but a topwater popper will catch absolute giants in the spawn. I mean hogs. Starting in va bout April 5th

  16. Look at your department wildlife shock results for a lake before you fish it. That’s gives u a decent idea if big fish exist there. Some lakes never shock one over 22 inches, other ones consistently shock bass over 22-24 inches

  17. I've yet to catch a 4lb bass, however my pb was a 3lb 9oz smallmouth in May caught her on a 6 inch watermelon seed zoom lizard in a small main lake cove just east of Pla-Port resort down in Shell Knob on Tablerock, med-light spinning rod on 6lb test mono back in the early 90's.
    Just getting back into it heavy after only fishing a few times a year for the last 25 years, been focused on supporting my family, finally have time to fish multiple times a month.

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