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How To SKIP A Swimbait – June Bass Fishing Video 2022

How good are swimbaits for bass fishing? Lots of pros like Ott Defoe, Mike Iaconelli & Chris Zaldain fish swimbaits for big bass. One key for how to fish a swimbait and how to catch fish with a swimbait is to get under docks where bass hide. This video features Jesse Wiggins sharing bass fishing tips on how to skip a swimbait under docks. Jesse uses his St Croix spinning rod to cast a Jackall swimbait under the cover. Want to be the king of bass? Learn how to cast paddle tail swimbaits like Jesse Wiggins, Jacob Wheeler or Scott Martin.

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  1. Sorry but it’s kind of a silly time we’re in..watching electronics while reeling
    I don’t know, I’d like to see the behavior reeled in a little to at least give the fish a chance.

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