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How to rig up the best shiner rig ever for monster bass

I show exactly the very best way to rig up for big time shiner fishing for really big bass! Hooks, line and rods and reels and all the super tricks involved! Over the last 50 years I’ve caught hundreds of monster bass on shiners and I also ran the largest shiner operation in the state of Florida back in 1984-1990 when Lake Okeechobee was at its very best, so I really know some great techniques!


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  1. He’s the great American fisherman, he fish anywhere, wherever there is water I know he be there, roamin bangin gypsies has a heart of gold, that old Mofo got fishin in his soul

  2. I just lost my favorite fishing rod n reel few days ago. Fish just jerked it right outta my boat I didn't have the drag set. I'm trying that setup in the morning w shiner's.

  3. Thank you Sir! This series on shiners is just what i have been looking for! I live in Okeechobee and just recently started fishing the lake. After a terrible guided trip ($500 plus dollars for a boat total of 3 fish) i decided to take matters into my own hands and learn what i need to know to not get robbed by a guide again. i just watched the video on how to catch shiners, and this is an amazing compliment to that.

  4. Thanks Roland Coming to FLA Leesburg for FEBUARY Elite Tournament I am a MARSHALL AT HARRIS CHAIN Going to give shiner FISHING A try . Live in MD I believe you are from this area? Been following you for ever you are one of the best ambassador for this SPORT hands down . HOPE TO MEET YOU SOME DAY.

  5. Hey Roland, did a man by the name of Steve Whitaker fix that reel up for you, he’s my grandpa and he’s told me stories about how he fixed up ambassador reels for the legend Roland Martin, I’m really curious

  6. All great tips. Especially the ones about using heavy braid and casting shiners gently. I underhand pitch mine and use Saltwater spinning rods to get longer distance with less resistance. Flipping sticks with 6500 Ambassadeurs work great too.

  7. Very informative Roland. I love fishing, but it is the fight of getting the fish in that makes my day, even releasing a 7lb bass. For an armature semi getting food for the table, what do you suggest? I've released 7lb bass…awesome feeling btw! I love fishing with light weight tackle, sometimes even 6lb test mono with 10" worms on a ultra light of 5 feet. What can I do to increase the fun factor? I do not mind losing to the BASS! He wins that day…maybe next time.

  8. second question is i will bring my kayak for wed and fri fishing trip. i have studied the sat maps and have 3 choices. 1 put in at ramp at keenansville and round the corner and fish there, 2 put in at garcia ramp and fish the area once i hit the main lake, 3 put in at ramp at 3 forks/felsmere grade rec area and either fish the north side of headwaters or go the other way and fish the northeast corner of stick marsh, i am limited on about a mile of distance from launch cause of the yak. any thoughts? anyone else as well have thoughts? thanks in advance

  9. Yo Roland great info! is it your bday? happy bday to the king! mine is tuesday, i made the bday wish come true, i am headed to headwaters for a guided trip on thursday. will be there also on wed and fri. have 2 questions for you. no 1 is lure selection i am thinking 1 swimbait/fluke, to cover area quickly. 2, texas riged worm large size, just because, 3 topwater like ploppers and i got a devils horse, 4 would be a whacky rigged senko. what do you think? would you rank them diff? or drop and add something?

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