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How to Modify Your Fluke to Catch More Bass!

On today’s installment of Ike in the Shop, we have our good friend Justin Kimmel with us from Bass University! We are talking about the Pop Rivet Trick! This simple modification will give you two points of hook up and improve the action of your bait all the while giving you increased hook-up ratios and the ability to catch more fish! This is an awesome modification! Come on, Let’s Learn!


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  1. Great tip. I’ve been pull in the “needle” back through the second time from the front. I wrap the mono around the the head of the needle before I push the rivet into the bait. Just one less step when I’m sitting in my kayak.

  2. Love this rigging method. I use a treble hook attached to the main single hook, so it acts like a trailer.
    I started using this rigging setup because smallmouths were short striking my fluke, but the trouble was they practically swallowed the treble hook. Make sure you have a long nosed pair of pliers because you are going to need them!

  3. Flukes hands down one of the best baits to ever exist. From bass in a pond to catching big reds off a beach with a Texas rigged fluke on a bullet weight works for everything.

  4. If you push the stud of the river in from the nose, when it’s through, you can put the body of the rivet over the stud from the bottom and push it up. That way it’s in the right spot. Then pull the stud out.

  5. One of the best fluke mods I’ve seen yet…

    Just had a day like described today… probably around 1 hookset to each 5 strikes and definitely the fish were firing up from depth…

    I’ll definitely try this next run on them!

    Good work guys!

    Finally something that genuinely will improve hooksets!

    Well done!

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