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How to Fish the Yamatanuki – Bass Fishing

Here’s what I’ve learned so far about how to fish the Yamatanuki. A new bait from Yamamoto Baits.
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Rod – Fate Black 7’3″ Med Hvy Extra Fast –
Reel – Concept Z Slide 8.3:1 –
Line – Seaguar AbrazX – 12 to 20 pound test –
Lure – Yamatanuki –
Kayak – Bonafide SS127
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  1. Gene is Denny with OTWI still in business?
    Have sent him a number of messages and he’s not getting back with me. His phone number listed does not work. Was wondering if you have a good number for him.
    Need a trailer now for two PA 14.

  2. Man I'm sorry there isn't much I find disturbing and I was in the medical field but that bait is freaking me out. Idk y, I don't care if it would get me the world record still not using it

  3. Not sure if you know this, but a tanuki is a Japanese raccoon. The tail on the bait looks like a tanuki tail, hence the name. Keep up the good work, love your content.

  4. I have been fishing Rocky mountain a lot last few weeks and been catching 3 to 4 pound bass on the regular. I love it out there. Can’t get them to hit top water and tied on a ned rig and have been tearing them up.

  5. They get bit a lot but I have missed a lot of fish on them because of how thick the bait is. I am using a wide gap plus 5/0.

  6. To get the bait to stay in place on the hook make sure the hook eye is in the plastic. Then stick a toothpick through the plastic and hook eye then break off the ends of the toothpick.

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