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How to Fish the Drop Shot Rig 2 Ways- Bass Fishing

Let’s dig into the details of how to fish the drop shot rig.
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  1. Gene, thanks to you, i not only had my best morning on the water, but i got my PB then beat that and got a 6.5lb with a drop shot.I live in Vancouver Washington, across the river from Portland, local lake isn't known for huge bass. I had all top water tied up the night before, then ran across this video. Decided to tie up a drop shot on my wife's rod. Never tried a drop shot, never see anyone use it at my lake. I fish the bank only, no boat and lucky if i land one in a day. Got there at before sunrise, threw a buzz, then a whopper plopper, a frog, then i tossed a swim jig, before i could close the bail my line was running. Pulled up a little 2 pounder. Then for about 30 minutes nothing was going on, lost my swim jig. Tossed a Texas rig, nibbles but no full bites. Then i decided to try the drop shot. I tied a straight shank with the worm lock to go weedless. Put a 4" yum dinger on with a 1/4 skinny weight. I COULD NOT KEEP THEM OFF MY HOOK. for about a full hour i was nailing them over and over. Then about 730am they quit committing and the temp was getting a little high almost 90. I was still getting bites but they were short striking. By far the best day fishing today, and i have you to thank for it! Might even call in to work tomorrow, use up some pto and hit the lake again 😂. It's supposed to be 115° tomorrow, so early morning should be good. If you ever come up my way I'd love to fish with you. Best YouTube fisherman by far.

  2. drop shot magic…thanks for keeping it simple! I love the weedless rig! I fish a lake with a hydrilla highway and the bite is slow but there are some MONDOS so its worth the wait! Using this application should land a big one! I'll take the small ones too!

  3. Gene, thank you for teaching us the proper way to set up our rig and showing us the techniques to be better anglers… and by the way Roll Tide…👍🏻

  4. Hey Gene! I've had the most success with the wacky rig, but at a cost. Every time I've caught a bass with it, the fish nearly swallows the hook and I have a hard time (feeling like a surgeon) trying to get that hook out, with about a 50% success rate, (yes, I've inadvertently killed a fish or 2). A buddy of mine says I'm not feeling it and setting the hook in good time, but the times I've got bites with the wacky, I feel like there wasn't response time allowed. Bait hits the water, bobber hits, sinks, pops back up and immediately sinks again. As if that fish had aimed face to the sky and mouth wide open, catching it like popcorn thrown by a date. From cast to full on bite, less than 3 seconds passes. Maybe I'm not setting hard enough to work that hook back out to the mouth opening, but I'm also not wanting to rip a fish's entire gullet, tongue and rest of the mouth all up, just setting the hook. I've gone back-n-forth between the wacky and the Texas. Not much success with the Texas, but definitely less harm to the fish, in my specific case anyway. Any thoughts?

  5. I watch a lot of fishing videos and your has to be one of the very best instructional videos I have seen. You do a fantastic job of explaining how and why to employ the technique. Thank you very much 🙂

  6. Do you have a video on the knot connecting the braid to fluorocarbon?

    I typically tie my braid to the hook, then use a length of 2lbs mono for the weight.

    But I like the idea of the fluoro leader for a less visible line. I had never thought about the line buoyancy either. Makes sense to use a line that'll sink…

  7. Came to learn about a drop shot, but my biggest takeaway was I'm an idiot for trying to shove a loop through the hook eye all these years 🤦

  8. Great advice! Thanks for reminding people to moisten the knot before pulling it tight, people nowadays think that this is old school. I'm 55 years old and because of my Grandpa's tip, almost never lost a lunker. Today, however, early in the morning at sunrise, I lost a 3 1/2 foot pike because I didn't set my drag right and instead of letting him wear himself out, after a 10 minute back and forth battle, I tried to bring him to shore. Fat chance! This old timer let me know how he got that big, making a last minute dash and snapped the line a couple of yards away from victory 😢

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