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How to Fish Swimbaits Around Mixed Cover

For Ott DeFoe, experimenting with new lure styles is fun and essential for growing as an angler. He takes to the water for the first time with a unique compact swimbait that, although a swimbait, can be fished like a jig in various cover types.

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Starting with the basics, DeFoe identifies areas where compact weedless swimbait excel. On this day, he focused on areas of transition between grass and hard-bottom edges — typical haunts for bluegills on natural lakes. He delves into the mechanics of fishing the bait like a hair jig by reeling it fast and letting it swim naturally back to the bottom.

As with most swimbaits, DeFoe underscores the bait’s natural appearance, which resembles a range of baitfish, from bluegill to bottom-oriented gobies and sculpins. Unlike most swimbaits, its unique semi-weedless design yet exposed hook allows it to be fished effectively around and through certain grass types with minimal fowling.

In a candid confession, DeFoe, despite being a professional, admits that even he has techniques left to sample and master. As he aptly puts it, adding new techniques to your toolbox can only elevate your fishing game.

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  1. That's been out for ages over 10 years I use 180 grain 308 bullet cut down cylinder of bullet now runs left to right of flank of baddie tail each end on cylinder has a red eye on it plastic I use bead profile 100mm thickness is 12mm front bead tapers down to 3mm then tail I run 2 hooks a bit further down from end of your hook say 10mm if I need weedless on both hooks just use cotton trick that will punch through any plant material smaller the hook the better copper finish on bullet jig head is a game changer for the bass here in Australia or chrome bearing canbe used as well even wit my system a 30 cal sling shot bearing can be used or even a hard body head cut off on a damage lure.

  2. That hook guard looks much better than the dark sleeper. Reel it fast and the top fins will fold up. If they dont go through the hook on the cast. I must try one or ten of those

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