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How to Fish a Shaky Head – Bass Fishing

Shaky head is a bass fishing technique that will catch them a year long but it really shines in the spring. Pick one up and have some fun.
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Rod – Fate Black Spinning 7’1″ Med –
Reel – Axum 3.0 –
Line – Seaguar Smackdown Flash Green – 20lb –
Seaguar Bazix Fluorocarbon –
Seaguar AbrazX Fluorocarbon –
Lure – Missile Baits Warlock –
Buckeye Spot Remover –
Picasso Shakedown –
Kayak – Bonafide SS127
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  1. Thanks for the info. I use seaguar basix and it's great for the price. Just Kno if anybody buys it that it has a 40% stretch which is about double as much as other fluoros. That being said I've never had it break or fail me and I continue to use on some of my reels

  2. I have learned to never be without a shakey head on the deck. I have won tournaments with it. I usually use it on every lay down I see, no matter what other pattern is going. A Zoom red bug finesse worm is the bomb.

  3. I prefer to use zman worms so I have gotten away from the screw locks and I really like the heads that B-Lat created, the smh heads. Those floating worms just get so many more bites for me.

  4. Man I love the zoom 4 inch lizard, on cold rainy spring mornings I'll actually throw it weightless, and it sinks SUPER slow. I dont twitch it, I hardly drag it, most the time I just let it slowly fall, and before it hits bottom my line goes tight. Seems like this is the best time of the year for me to use them, always assumed because it's during the spawn and they see it ass a nest raider

  5. I remember when I started bass fishing, these videos like this were so helpful! It's been 3 years since I started being serious about it, and I've caught some nice ones and learned so much!

  6. I love the warlock head, but I hate when the screw lock starts moving around in that head. Recently been using the dirty jigs Scott canturbury head in 3/16…I think I like it better. Both do great around the grass here on Guntersville. Also, I like a baby brush hog. Give them a try!

  7. Hello, Flukmaster. I have a Pelican catch mode 110 without a power mode. Do you have any suggestions to attach a trolling motor to it. I'm a disabled veteran that tends to run out of padding energy before I'm ready to stop fishing. Thank you for your time.

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