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How to Catch Bass During a Full Moon in the Summertime! (Early Morning Bass Fishing) Big Bass!

Catching bass in the summertime can be very difficult. Do you look shallow? Do you fish deep? What are external factors that might change the feeding pattern of fish? In this video, Bradley Hallman and I break down a tough summertime condition: FULL MOON. During a full moon fish have a tendency to feed at night, making it really tough throughout the day. We break down the importance of fishing early and taking full advantage of that bite. If you haven’t yet, please SUBSCRIBE!

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Gear Used:
Ledge Swimbait Rod 7’6″ MH

Custom Lite 7.5:1

17lb Strike King Tour Grade Fluorocarbon

Strike King Thunder Cricket 3/8th

Garmin EchoMap Ultra


Magic Shad

Sound by:

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  1. Hey Andrew! Another awesome vid Bro. I picked up a white thunder cricket a few months back, and using a hog farmer spunk shad trailer. Worked really well in the spring. I need to get me one with white blades though. God bless!

  2. Hey Andrew, I like your videos. This one has me fired up! Where can I find a white blade for the thunder cricket. I don't see them on any of the sites for sale. Did I misunderstand what you've said? Keep the videos coming!

  3. Good video Andrew. I bought a couple of thunder crickets because of you, but unfortunately they were out of your color choices. Ill just try them out anyways on Tues morning and see how it goes.

    Andrew, do u fish any big swimbaits, starting at 6inches and going up to 8 or 10 inches? Just wondering. If u do, maybe you could do a video for us?

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