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His SWIMBAIT Collection 🤯 (Mind Blown!!!)

In this video we meet a channel fan who loves swimbait fishing. He offered to show me his swimbait collection and my mind was blown 🤯!!! Swimbait fishing requires a special setup of rods and reels as well as some very unique custom lures that are often hard to find. Bo goes through some difference between glide baits, jointed lures, as well as soft plastic lures for anyone who wants to get started swimbait fishing.

Ask Bo about swimbaits @bo_speyrer

Want some of the lures and gear we talked about in the video?

Solid beginner glide bait lure

6th Sense Flow Glider

Bull Shad Swimbaits


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  1. Working on a glidebait right now. Already caught 4 smallies on it. Messing with the weights and testing the action, to replicate a slow floating, and a slow sink version. Never fished a glide bait before, but man is it fun!

  2. Just watched this video tonight, tracked down Bo on fb and just made a killer deal with him on a new (very hard to get swimbait!) So stoked I stumbled across your page!

  3. Right off St John’s in DeBary. Are these workable in River? I’ve fished lots of glide baits for Musky in WI and have reasonable skills but will these work on the River? Love the spots as you all are more into fishing for the relaxation, anticipation, and less pressure than the hardcore tournament types.

  4. Some of the best “learner, carefree kinda baits” (hard baits) that you can use with reckless abandon so to speak are the Spro BBZ, Savage Gear, Storm Arashi, 22nd Century Triple Trout, CL8 Bait, Livingston, branded baits. Baits you can obtain easily and inexpensively from Tackle Warehouse for instance. These baits make it easy to learn to throw without fear of loss because they’re easy to replace and don’t cost a fortune. And if you don’t know how to tie a GOOD knot, do so before buying your swimbaits! If you can’t cast a heavier bait without a birds nest, don’t learn with swimbaits! Castoffs are expensive preventable losses of swimbaits. Also get yourself a GOOD Swimbait retriever that you can use to get your baits that hang up on trees, branches, ledges, etc. They’re inexpensive protection from unpredictable losses, especially for deep water fishing. They make it easy to fish a Swimbait without worrying about hanging up and losing your bait. The best I’ve used and own is the Premier Machine 44 Mag Lure Retriever Plug Knocker. Do a Google search for a source.

  5. I enjoy fishing big swimbaits but in my area they're seasonal unless you want to go weeks without a strike. With that said I never go to the lake without my 8" Bull Shad just in case the wind and cloud cover align for a feed window on big gizzards.

  6. Any tips or tricks to keep a bluegill or crappie style glide bait from helicoptering on the cast ? Love the baits but I’m struggling with getting a good cast with them

  7. Dude Mikey, YouTube is screwing you. I miss all your new posts because they don’t hit my feed. Yes I am subscribed and it’s ridiculous. Give Bog a head scratch for me. Keep doing you.

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