In today’s video. I go bass fishing and find something unexpected in a fish’s mouth! WE HAD TO SAVE IT!

Do you think the caterpillar was poisonous?

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  1. What are yellow and black striped caterpillar?

    Cinnabar moth – Norfolk Wildlife Trust

    Cinnabar moth Tyria jacobaeae

    The caterpillars are jet black with yellow/orange stripes. The cinnabar moth can be found in open places from May to August.
    xxxx debbie uk xxxxx

  2. The Giant Sphinx caterpillar (Pseudosphinx tetrio) is appropriately named due to its large size. This is one of the biggest striped caterpillars you are likely to come across as it can grow up to 6” (15 cm).

    You can easily identify the Giant Sphinx due to the white bands on its long fat black body. The head and tail ends are a brownish-orange or red color and there is a long protruding spike at the tail end. Another interesting feature of this stripy caterpillar is the 4 pairs of red-orange prolegs.

    As you would expect from a striped caterpillar this size, it turns into a large moth with a wingspan of over 1 foot (30 cm)!

    The Giant Sphinx is also a stinging species of caterpillar. Fine urticating hairs cover the caterpillar’s body and can cause skin irritation when handled. This is also one of the few caterpillar species that bite if caught.

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