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Hair Jigs for Bass | Seth Feider’s North Country Tactic

Bass fishing with big hair jigs (aka preacher jigs) is a popular offshore bass tactic on ledges, particularly on the Tennessee River. Still, they also work excellently for bass in northern natural lakes and reservoirs. Seth Feider details how he fishes plus-sized hair jigs for north country bass during the summer and early fall months.

• LURE – OutKast Tackle Chicken Jig, color – White/Chartreuse, 3/4-ounce:
• ROD – Daiwa Tatula Casting Rod, 8′ Heavy (Replaces Steez Rod):
• REEL – Daiwa Tatula Elite Pitch Flip Casting Reel, 8.1:1:
• LINE (Main) – Sufix 131, 40-pound:
• LINE (Leader) – Sufix Advance Fluorocarbon, 20-pound:

Good bass anglers are always looking for new techniques that bass haven’t seen, and this is undoubtedly one of them. Where many good anglers are fishing crankbaits or jigs, a “chicken jig” is the first lure Feider uses when he starts working a bass school because it targets and triggers the biggest fish in the school. As the bit fizzles, he transitions to other baits, but many of his key fish come first on the hair.

Feider details how he fishes the bait, utilizing a pendulum and reel technique. It isn’t for the faint of heart, as strikes are often vicious, and you’re driving big hook home. As such, setup is essential. Feider prefers a long, stout rod paired with a fast reel and braided mainline.

• FISH FINDERS – Humminbird HELIX 12 MEGA SI+ G4N:
• 360 SONAR – Humminbird MEGA 360 Imaging:
• TROLLING MOTOR – Minn Kota Ultrex Trolling Motor:
• SHALLOW WATER ANCHORS – Minn Kota Raptors, 8′:
• MOTOR – Mercury Pro XS 250hp:
• BOAT – Ballistic Boats 204:




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  1. About how far off the bottom should fish be? I tried this bait today with no success but I hadn't fully watched on where to fish it… northern Oklahoma lakes is where I'm fishing it

  2. Bass are not the only fish to hit the chicken! big kitty cats love it! Bluegill love it! Striper! Sand bass! Walleye! Black bass! Perch will hit and hit hard!
    – Grandpa's go to

  3. Enjoying the content. I just picked up the Chicken. Excited to try it out. What’s your line set up? Straight braid or braid to floro leader. Can I fish the chicken in grass or hard bottom. Thanks!!

  4. The Spotted bass in my Reservoir water act like sheepdogs and occasionally in the Fall feed-up they'll round up a ball of Threadfin Shad the size of a two car garage. Once the treadfin slaughtering gorge starts, half eaten, wounded and stunned half conscious shad rain down to bottom where's some of biggest Largemouth bass and catfish in the Reservoir feast on the easy pickings.

    I overshoot the spotted bass pack and the massacre feed with a 3/4oz hair jig and pendulum down to the big LMs and hop the bottom. Once the spotted bass massacre has moved on there's a surface trail of water birds eating the floating dead and stunned Shad. That's when I drop straight down to the bottom with a 3/4 Oz Blade Runner Duh spoon and flip-flop the bottom. I had a North American Pelican slam into my boat trying to land and get in on the fun once. It's up to 45 minutes of total insanity and not one piece of Shad goes uneaten, but that's California Foothill Reservoir fishing! The spotted bass in my reservoir get up to 9lbs but the lake record largemouth is an 18lbs-6ozs true Floridian. And that's why I haven't moved out of this god-forsaken State yet 😂

  5. Seth is so chill, very informative, doesn’t sound like a commercial and is always fun to watch. I have used Maribou, rabbit, etc since I was a kid. Great bites. Long live Feider! Keep being you.

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