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Guys…I Can’t Feel A Bass Bite Anymore…

Randy talks about an injury he has that keeps him from detecting strikes…

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  1. Had something similar happen to me. Sliced open the mid finger on left hand grabbing a mug that fell and broke while hand washing some dishes at home. The edge that cut was so sharp that I didn’t even feel it, but a few seconds later sensed something felt wrong. Looked and saw the gash and blood started pouring out. Wrapped it up and went to hospital. On the way, the top of the finger started going numb. When I was getting sewn up, I told them that it was numb and they said it would come back. Days later when it came to taking out the stitches, they put one right through the nerve because I almost went through the ceiling when they pulled it out. Still said the numbness would go away. That was in 1997. To this day, it’s not fully back. Yes some days are better than others and I’ve learned how to make sure I don’t drop things. But when it comes to affecting fish bites, yes it hindered sensing them, especially at first. Even went to rods that had the blank fully exposed at the reel seat so my other fingers could aid in detecting a bite. It’s better now days, but there is still a strip of numbness from about the tip of finger down to about the 2nd knuckle…right in the area where the rod rests.

  2. I have just the opposite problem. I popped my ulnar nerve practicing snare drum exercises on something that doesn't bounce way too fast. It is interesting that you said you can feel a little in the ring finger. The ulnar nerve runs the whole pinky and the outside half of the ring finger. I miss the A, TAB, CAPS, SHIFT, and Z on the keyboard all the time. The nerve you damaged runs all other fingers and the inside half of your ring finger. Try stroking both halves of the ring finger. It might tingle inside but not outside. Find a way to rely more on your pinky. Try to make the pinky side of your ring finger touch something on the rod at all times. Perhaps split the rod "trigger" between the pinky and the ring with the outer ring finger butting against the trigger or blank. I am sure you've got figured out by now. Hope that helps.

  3. Lol guess what the older ya get it gets worse get left-handed baitcasters that what I have switched to back in the day.went well for me love them now!!!

  4. I Grip the rod in front of the baitcasting reel, I let the line run over my left hand trigger finger. Put a small cut, like a paper cut in the end crease of that fiinger. I guarentee you;ll feel the lightest bite.

  5. You might think about acupuncture, it may help you with your nerve damage. It may be a quest to find someone that really knows what their doing in the area where you and I live. Until then I know you'll be watching that line jump. Hey there's you an idea for a video.

  6. I know how that goes . I can only use zebco's after my accident . They still work great , got my 9 1/2# bass on a zebco 33 .

  7. I certainly understand! I don’t have any feeling in my left hand either. It’s fun trying hold a rod, the funny part is I’m a Swimbaiter! So far, I’ve made the best of It!!!

  8. If that happened to me, I would have bought left handed baitcasters and become as proficient as I was with my right handed baitcasters….Quite a few bass fishermen use left and right handed baitcasters equally with no handicaps…..maybe you don’t define being able to feel a bass bite on your casting outfits as a crux ….you’ve adapted to your constraints.

  9. I went yesterday with my real good friend from childhood , we went early launched in the dark fished out by the Gulf looking for trout , we pulled up by a point through a jerkbait and bam think I had a Jack fish it almost ran all my line off my reel so we tried to chase it with the trolling motor but during that the line popped , tied on another next cast caught a Spanish Mackrel , through it back , then hooked a redfish about 20 inches , then we moved around till like 10 am caught one trout , one red , a Spanish mackrel , and whatever had my jerkbait that popped off but that’s it , it was so hot we stopped at 10 , fishing here even for saltwater has been tough , normally in these spots we would have caught like 30-40 speckle trout and the limit of redfish , but not this time , the heat is horrible here

  10. Randy,

    Please tell us how this happened. We're you attacked by someone or was it something that accidentally happened. Please give us the details. Kudos to you for adapting and making lemonade out of this lemon from life.

    John McHatton

  11. So why not switch to a left handed reel where you hold the rod in your dominant hand – just like you do with a spinning rod. I’ve never understood why right handed fishermen insist on using a rh reel where you have to switch hands on every cast . It just doesn’t make any sense?

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