Guntersville BASSMASTER tournament (ON BEDS THIS EARLY?!)

The bassmaster kayak tournament on guntersville is HERE! I love this lake, have great history on it, and i had a GREAT practice. However…. this event had some misfortune. Key baits below!

Berkely Jerk Shad –

Slobberknocker –
Power stinger –


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  1. Just saw this now – you truly are a class act, and it shows with solid principals and I can only imagine some of that comes from g-pa! Much respect, doing the right thing isnt easy but its honorable and true; that never fails.

  2. Wow I would have thought lines out meant you can't submit any fish caught after that time. Obviously, I'm not an experiences tournament fisherman. Good luck with your next one! I appreciate that your integrity and that you keep it real w losses and wins.

  3. I have a question for you so I fish tournaments too actually some of the guys from my club was out there fishing with you in the yaks….. but am I the only one who gets mesmerized waiting for that fish watching the water while them rods are whistling from the wind 😂

  4. Heyy im new in kayak fishing and i would like if you could give me few tips i have my stuff but i have a kayak but its not the best (btw 12yo)

  5. Kristine you just displayed one of the many reasons why I and others follow you so closely. I love how you personalize each of your videos. Fishing is just a small segment of life, and you prove that every day. Thank you .

  6. Class act to DQ yourself. Some would of just not said a word. What a way to lead by example. This is why I follow you and watch your videos as you keep things real! Thank you for your honesty in this industry. Sounds like the people you asked set you up to fail instead of telling your the truth.

  7. You family is always there for you! Watch out for them potholes!
    It gets you down ,but you have been blessed, with your attitude of positivity,
    Like they could be worse,you have your health, that means everything, all I'm going to say about ,that!

  8. Amazing Kristine: what a bummer, but as grandpa said “these things happen”. To reinforce your approach to life: 1) You are healthy and alive. 2) You are following your dream and doing very well. 3) your fans think the world of you. 4) You are teaching many young people to dream big and work to achieve their dreams. 5) God has a plan for you. 6) G loves you. Everything else is an inconvenience to be dealt with and eventually forgotten. Enjoy your blessings. Stay safe, God Bless! By the way it is also normal to feel down once in a while. It helps us remember the good things.😊

  9. Well mistakes are ok as long as we learn the lessons from them.

    Better tie down straps and checking with officials and you're a go for next time. 🤷🏾‍♂️

  10. Entering my 3rd season of tournament fishing, I would have never thought a big name like Hobie would disqualify an anglers entire day because you casted 30min after line's out! You are a stand-up person/angler for admitting your mistake, but I would have assumed that any fish caught in that time frame would not be eligible for your 5 fish limit? I'm sorry you had a bad weekend with losing the kayak off the trailer and then the time limit on Saturday. Keep your head up, and keep grindin!! On to the next 👊😎

  11. That was only an observation, I am so impressed with your fishing finding skills, preparation, endless determination. I feel you are going to win every tournament you enter !!
    Love you
    Capt Dan Kardash

  12. Be thankful and cherish all your conversations with your grandfather mine are all gone I will see them again in heaven. Your a good person I love this channel you will win a tournament I know it and then a championship. Hard times build character .

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