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Giant April Bass Eat Jigs!! (Wisconsin Bass Fishing)

Today on Too Fat To Hunt Outdoors, I am back out at the Land of the Donkeys! Since my Skeeter is still being repaired, I am hopping on the Cobra with Mike. We are searching for giant Wisconsin April bass, same lake that I caught the 2 six pounders the week prior. We tried fishing jerkbaits with no luck today, they would only eat the jig. With the water temps in the mid 40’s I feel like we had a pretty solid day, catching a 5 fish bag for 19 pounds. Finally, after over 30 years of fishing, I finally caught a bass in the 5 pound range!! All the tackle we used today are in the links below!


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  1. I just recently got out for my first fish of 2022 because our fishing season just started and I was quite successful!
    Love your vids man! I always learn a little from every video you post! Also I would like your opinion on my newest video because I tested my new GoPro hero 10 for the first time!

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