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Flipping for LUNKER Largemouth Bass in Florida

Finding and fishing for largemouth bass in a sea of vegetation can seem daunting. But it’s not as hard as you might think. Brandon Cobb has a lot of factors he weighs in finding and catching bass from thick matted vegetation when he’s fishing in Florida. He likes to match his weight to his lure. He will match his gear to the conditions. He will look for mats that protect the fish from the wind and offer the cleanest water.

Listen as he explains what he looks for and how he’s able to find key places in all of the vegetations to make his pitches and catch bass.

• BAIT – Zoom Z Craw, Jr:
• WEIGHT – ARK No Chip Tungsten No-Insert Flipping Weights:
• HOOK – Berkley Fusion 19 Heavy Cover Flippin’ Hook, 3/0:
• ROD – ARK Invoker Pro Series Casting Rod 7’9″ Heavy:
• REEL – Abu Garcia REVO STX Gen 4 Casting Reel, 7.3:1:
• LINE – Yo-Zuri Super Braid, 50-65-Pound:
• SUNGLASSES – Costa Del Mar Reefton:




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  1. Don’t agree with your opinion on wind in Florida and fishing dirty water. I’m a Florida Native and been fishing Florida for over 40 years and have caught some of my biggest fish in dirty water

  2. Cool video, bro. You get a flipping bite all year in the grass and I envy you!! In northern Wisconsin, we get 4-5 months tops to fish grass… But I do have 100’s of lakes within an hour of my house where I can go and catch 50+ fatties in a day’s work – several
    places 100+ 😎 I will never catch a 10lber but a few 6-7’s every year ~ Peace ~

  3. Thanks for doing a flippin’ show with hard hook sets and great tips! I personally hate a tip show when there aren’t any catches. It kind of makes me wonder if I’m being sold a product or shown it’s a viable option!

  4. Being in the deep south, myself, I sure do love pitching jigs and Texas rigs. It's my #1 confidence method of presentation. There's nothing so satisfying as pulling a big largie out of a dense mat of slop.

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