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Flippin’ MISTAKES That Are Costing You BASS

Flipping and Pitching to bass is one of the best ways to catch some real giants in heavy cover. In this video we talk about a few mistakes anglers make when it comes to fishing this way!

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Flipping and pitching are two highly effective methods used by experienced anglers to target bass in heavy cover, such as weed beds, docks, fallen trees, and brush piles. These techniques allow you to present your bait accurately and quietly, giving you the advantage of reaching those hard-to-reach areas where bass often hide.

However, there are a few mistakes that I see a lot of anglers make when flipping and pitching that are costing them bass. Let’s talk about them!

BassFishingHQ is dedicated to teaching people how to catch more and bigger bass. I will go over different bass fishing tips & techniques that will put more fish in the boat or on the shore. Whether you are just starting out or a seasoned tournament angler, my goal is to help you catch more bass.

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  1. I was never one for flipping and pitching until this year. Its now my favorite way to fish! For me, its going out and trying new things and finding success. And figuring out WHY i had success doing things. For new(er) anglers, just go out and get werid. Try new things, watch these videos and utilize the info Ty is sharing! And pay attention to the WHY! Hence the "patterns within patterns"! Good stuff!

  2. I been swimming in a bandito bug last couple weeks t rigged with a 1/16 oz tungsten weight pegged and been catching them pretty good. Been watching your vids for several months now and just realized your from my area, are you in Columbus?

  3. Cool shirt. Mine was delivered two days ago. I got it because I love your channel, and although I’ve been bass fishing over 50 years…I learn something new, every time you make a new vid! Thanks, and keep β€˜β€˜em coming!

  4. 1. Do not be too noisy. Be sheath as much as you can.

    2. Leave your trolling motor on a constant speed. Keep you motor on a low speed to help limit sound travel.

    Not swimming your lure back to you. Be initially about swimming your bait back to you.

    When catch a fish put your breaks on.

  5. Went today on the boat ! Was about 6 ounces shy of my PB of 8lbs but thanks to you for all the tips ! Appreciate the content πŸ‘ŠπŸ»πŸ‘ŒπŸΌ

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